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There were some great acts touring around in the Jazz Age, and there still are today. Take a peek at our event calendar at the bottom of this page to find shows in your area. Here are some groups and artists you should look for:

Glenn Crytzer:

Baby Soda Jazz Band:

Brian Holland and Danny Coots:

West End Jazz Band:

Catherine Russell:

Evan Christopher’s Clarinet Road:

Dan Levinson:

Molly Ryan:

Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys:

The Fat Babies:

Andy Schumm:

Mike Davis:

Banu Gibson:

Tuba Skinny:

Josh Duffee and the Graystone Monarchs:

Bryan Wright:

Dick Hyman:

Ian Whitcomb:


I’ve borrowed  graphics to post above from the web pages of bands who advertise in our print edition.  I’ll gladly post a different image or link to another site, such as Facebook, if you prefer it. Let me know.
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