Record Labels

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UpBeat Records Mail Order UK
Waverley House
6 The Bramblings
West Sussex BN16 2DA
United Kingdom
0843 658 0856
Rivermont Records
Rivermont Records
P. O. Box 3081
Lynchburg, VA 24503 USA
Challenge Records- Retrieval Label
Challenge Records International
Siliciumweg 22
3812 SX Amersfoort
The Netherlands
31 33 7676 110
Jazz Oracle
1 Reid Manor
Toronto, Ontario
M8Y 2H8
Archeophone Records
Archeophone Records
PO Box 7844
Champaign IL 61826
(217) 355-9883
Stomp Off Records
Bob Erdos created Stomp Off Records in 1980 with the purpose of preserving the styles and repertoire of the classic period of ragtime and jazz, essentially the 1920s and earlier. These idioms continue to provide today’s musicians with a viable artistic vehicle for creativity and improvisation and at the same time afford the listener the opportunity to hear, in brilliant fidelity, the great tunes and styles of those early years. To date, Stomp Off has produced 433 recordings, most of which are currently available on CDs.
Take Two Records
Take Two Records was formed to preserve and share the popular music of our past by reissuing recorded songs from the last Century. The goal of our label is to provide high quality, digital restorations of vintage recordings for the pleasure of today’s listener. Our catalog specializes in popular songs written during the “golden age” of Tin Pan Alley and performed by top recording artists from 1905 to 1945. However, most of our selections are from the mid-1920s through the mid-1930s — sounds that reflect the gaiety and enthusiasm of the “Roaring 20’s” and the turbulence of the “Great Depression.” By bringing this enjoyable music by the great artists of the time to new audiences, Take Two Records hopes to encourage an appreciation of the musical roots that led to the popular sounds of today. These historic reissues use the latest technology to bring you recordings as pristine as the day they were recorded.
Superbatone Records, Inc. 732 Superba Ave.
Venice, CA 90291, USA.
Mosaic Records
Mosaic Records
425 Fairfield Avenue
Suite 421
Stamford, CT USA 06902
Why A Mosaic Records Collection?
“Remastered to the highest standards, pressed on top-quality vinyl or CD, and sumptuously packaged – these editions are designed to please the most demanding of collectors!”
– The Penguin Guide to Jazz

The Mosaic Records Community
Be connected to an exclusive jazz community through the historical recordings of these superb musicians to passionate jazz lovers around the globe. When you buy a Mosaic Records Limited Edition collection, you are joining a select group of jazz collectors from all over the world.

First-Class Quality
From the initial concept , to the sound restoration, to the printing of our booklets, every aspect of each Mosaic set reflects our deep respect for the music, and for our customers.

Seal of Approval
We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have garnered four Grammy nominations and repeatedly earn top rankings in jazz magazine polls. But even more important to us is that the Mosaic Records imprint has earned the affirmative recognition from jazz fans around the world.

Superior Value
These Limited Edition collections are crammed full of sessions In addition to all previously issued material, Mosaic box sets are usually rich with unreleased tracks and valid alternate takes. We track down the best available source material directly from recording company vaults to a network of collectors around the world and restore the audio quality to the best that’s ever been heard. Although we believe the value of these sets are priceless, winning bids on out-of-print sets listed on e-bay have topped hundreds of $ more than the original selling price. Nothing will replace what we put out.

The Mosaic Records Booklet
To put everything into its proper and fascinating perspective, we commission leading authorities to write our booklets and supply collectors with all pertinent dates, personnel listings and discographical information. The Mosaic Records Box Set booklet has been kept to a large 11″ x 11″ to allow for easy reading and viewing of all the information we pack into the booklet; original session notes, fascinating essays and rare photographs. Nothing will replace what we put out.

The Personal Touch
Whether by e-mail or phone, we are here to help you with any questions regarding the music, your order or any other assistance we can provide. When you contact us, you’ll be speaking to a member of the Mosaic family not an “800” operator or outside shipping operation.

The Mosaic Guarantee
As members of the community that believe one of life’s great pleasures is music, we take great care presenting the musician’s work with the quality it deserves. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any purchase of a Mosaic Records product, please return it to us for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.