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The former Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Foundation has a new name.

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Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Foundation Changes Name to
Sacramento Jazz Education Foundation

The Foundation continues its 22-year commitment to supporting youth jazz programs.

Sacramento Jazz Education Foundation is the new name of the former Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Foundation. The foundation is also introducing its new logo and web address –
The mission of the Foundation remains the same — to preserve and promote early jazz music, by supporting the education of current and future generations in the performance of early jazz, and in the history and appreciation of America’s true original art form, and to work collaboratively with other local, regional and national jazz educational organizations to accomplish this mission.

Through donations and endowments, the Foundation sponsors and manages programs such as:
 The Teagarden Jazz Camp – two one-week annual summer jazz camps
 Traditional Jazz Youth Band Festival held in partnership with CSUS in February
 Music Lessons Awards – presented annually to approximately 25 young musicians so they can afford private music lessons with an emphasis on Jazz.
 TNT – The New Traditionalists, a regional honor band of High School jazz musicians
 Instrument Match – a program to match donated instruments with youth musicians
 The Trad Jazz Project – a partnership with local schools to sponsor clinics and music instructors to teach traditional jazz in school band programs.

“We are excited about this new chapter in our Foundation’s history,” states William Au,
President of the Board. “We are on solid financial footing and our programs have seen great
growth in the last three years. The new name and brand fit with our core mission of passing the
torch of jazz music to the next generation.”
An outgrowth of the former Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society, the Foundation formed in 1996
in anticipation of a large donation from a trust to fund the annual Youth Jazz Camp – now
known as the Teagarden Jazz Camp. The Society rightly felt that the best way to manage this
and other endowments, and to ensure that it was used for the express purpose of youth jazz
education, was to create a separate foundation to invest and manage these funds along with
other donations. The Foundation established its own board of directors and 501c(3) separate
and distinct from the Society.
More than 95% of the donations received by the Foundation are earmarked specifically for one
or more of the youth education programs.
For more information on the Sacramento Jazz Education Foundation and its programs, visit


The Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band

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The Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band is an all female super group made up of some of the most sought after young stars of the New Orleans Traditional Jazz scene. We’ve reviewed their new CD of compositions written or arranged by women between 1910 and 1930 for our May issue. In the mean time check out this excellent video of a recent live performance, you’ve never seen washboard like this.

Members are:

  • Chloe Feoranzo: Clarinet
  • Marla Dixon: Trumpet
  • Haruka Kikuchi: Trombone
  • Molly Reeves: Guitar
  • Defne ‘Dizzy’ Incirlioglu: Washboard
  • Julie Schexnayder: Bass

Learn more at their Website

Everett Farey, 88

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EVERETT “EV” FAREY, 88, April 4, Novato CA. In the 50’s he was co-leader of the Bay City Jazz Band, led the Golden State Jazz Band and played with the Port City Jazz Band, the Gold Coast Jazz Band, and many others. He recorded on Turk Murphy’s album Dancing Jazz as well as with Bob Helm’s Riverside Roustabouts. A 2012 release of material recorded in 1955 finds him with the Jim Leigh El Dorado Jazz Band.

He was an accomplished and influential trumpeter bringing a relaxed style influenced by Lamar Wright of the Bennie Moten Band. He was featured in The Trumpet Kings: The Players who Shaped the Sound of Jazz Trumpet (2001) edited by Scott Yanow. He frequently played at Burp Hollow, a San Francisco center of Dixieland into the mid 60’s and was a key player in the Bay Area revival.

Ev continued to contribute to the Dixieland scene into his 80’s performing over the years with various groups including Canal Street, Bob Helm’s Jazz Cardinals, Jelly Roll Jazz Band, Monterey Bay Stompers and Port City Jazz Band. He traveled the world to festivals and was admired for both his playing and his good cheer.

He was predeceased in 2008 by his wife Margaret, a native of England whom he met while stationed there after the war. She served as a hostess at Earthquake McGoons, home of the Turk Murphy Jazz Band, and made sure the Farey home was always welcoming to anyone who came through the door.

A special remembrance of Ev will be included in the May issue of The Syncopated Times

Jim Laveroni, 64

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JIM LAVERONI, 64, March 28, Rohnert Park, CA. A drummer with The Black Tuesday Jazz Band, The Flying Eagle Jazz Band and the Swing and a Miss Big Band. He participated in The Sacramento Teagarden Jazz Camp which helps to ensure the future of traditional jazz. He hosted the Percussion Discussion program on his local public radio station where topics included everything from Dixieland to rock.