Albums Reviewed in the May Issue

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Here are links to albums reviewed in our May issue so you can purchase them knowing the artists will receive as much as possible. In general we’d prefer you buy the CD so you can enjoy the liner notes, and support the small labels producing such good music. The experience of reading liner notes while listening can be a better education than any reference work and has over time produced many a well informed jazz ear.


Scott Yanow’s reviews:

Mike Daniels-

Remembering Mike Daniels: Digital Download or Physical CD 


Steve Lane-

Plays Vintage Jazz Music: Digital Download or Physical CD


Max Keenlyside-

Invincible Syncopations: The New Ragtime Music of Vincent Matthew Johnson: CD only (includes 24 pages of illustrated liner notes.)


Brooks Prumo Orchestra-

Pass The Bounce: Digital Download or Physical CD(Sold Out)


Edmond Hall With The Ralph Sutton Quartette-

Live At Club Hangover: CD Only


Yanow’s Jazz Classic of the Month:

Bing Crosby-

Rhythm King (1926-1930) Digital Download (American Copyright issues must buy foreign) or Physical CD(out of Print)



Joe Bebco’s reviews:

Andy Schumm and his Sink-O-Pators-

Futuristic Rhythm: Imagining the Later Bix Biederbecke   CD or MP3


Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band –

le Donne Mangiano Zucchero:   Digital Download   or  Physical CD 

A Woman’s Place: Digital Download or Physical CD


Joanna Morea-

Crazy People: Digital Download or Physical CD


Allan Vache-

It Might As Well be Swing: Digital Download or Physical CD



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