Artist Carolyn Newberger Captures Jazz in Motion

One of the unexpected delights of attending Jeff and Joel’s House Party in Branford, Connecticut this past October was meeting Carolyn Newberger. Carolyn attended with her husband, tubist extraordinaire Dr. Eli Newberger—and she is a fine musician in her own right. She is also the creator of the drawings on this page. Her illustrations often appear on the Berkshire Edge website ( as an accompaniment to the performance reviews she and Eli write for the online publication. These pieces were drawn as the music was performed on October 9, 2016. You may find more information about her work as a child psychologist, her music, and her art at

On this page below are the members of Paris Washboard: Louis Mazetier, Alain Marquet, Daniel Barda, and Stéphane Séva. Then below them: Eli Newberger and Jeff Barnhart; Joel Schiavone; Jane Campedelli; Daniel Tobias; and Aunt Jenny; followed by a second drawing of Paris Washboard and a composite of the event.

Hot Jazz Jubile

Paris Washboard by Carolyn Newberger
Paris Washboard by Carolyn Newberger
Eli Newberger and Jeff Barnhart


Joel Schiavone


Jane Campedelli


UpBeat Records

Danny Tobias
Aunt Jenny
Paris Washboard #2
Jazz party composite sketch

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