The Syncopated Times Discography Project

Many of today’s top traditional jazz musicians are members of a number of different bands and frequently sit in on each other’s albums. Many are also foregoing record labels and self-producing their releases on sites like Bandcamp. This makes keeping track of all of the recordings for an artist much more difficult than it was in the past. Discography websites that run on AI just aren’t up to the task. We hope to overcome that problem- with your help! Please let us know if we have overlooked something and if you can compile a near complete list for an artist we haven’t covered yet please send it our way!

Haruka Kikuchi Discography

Tailgate trombonist Haruka Kikuchi moved from Japan to New Orleans in 2014 and quickly found herself welcome in both traditional jazz circles and on the

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Ewan Bleach Discography

Ewan Bleach is a cornerstone of the UK traditional jazz scene. As a clarinetist, saxophonist, pianist and singer he appears with several prominent London based

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Chloe Feoranzo Clarinet

Chloe Feoranzo Discography

Chloe Feoranzo has packed a lot into a career that is still in its first chapters. She has toured with Pokey LaFarge and Postmodern Jukebox and

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Robin Rapuzzi Discography

Robin Rapuzzi is best known for his work with Tuba Skinny, and Tuba Skinny is most known for Youtube videos,  but the band has released

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Shaye Cohn

Shaye Cohn Discography

Shaye Cohn is best known for her work with Tuba Skinny, and Tuba Skinny is known for YouTube videos,  but the band has released eleven

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eddie davis john gill

John Gill Discography

John Gill is a multi-instrumentalist with wide-ranging musical tastes. However, he is best known as an authority on San Francisco Style Jazz and also as

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