Blowing Off The Dust


Sedalia’s Ragtime Art Gallery

As I was contemplating a column for this month, I came across a Facebook posting that inspired this article. It was a recent photo in

Syncopated Times COLLAGE

A History of The Syncopated Times

This is supposed to be a column for the new year, but I find myself beginning to write on Thanksgiving Day, thinking of all the

Melton Family John Melton Photo

My Musical Family

My column requires a disclaimer this month because frankly, it amounts to little more than a grandfather bragging obnoxiously about his grandchildren. That written, I’ve

Orr School before 1020 768x456 - Joplin's Landmark School

Joplin’s Landmark School

In my April 2018 column, I wrote of the accomplishments of the good people of Texarkana and the work they are doing to preserve their

Elliot Adams and Michael Chisholm at the 2017 Santa Cruz Ragtime Festival

Michael Chisholm’s Labors of Love

Making new friends and learning more about older acquaintances is one of the many rewards of being part of the on-line ragtime community. I am

Southeast High School Melton March 2019 768x468 - My (Non) Musical Background

My (Non) Musical Background

I am often asked about my background in music, what instruments I play, and when I first became interested. My flippant response is that I

gaslight squares

New Year’s Eve with The Gaslight Squares

Just when I was becoming accustomed to getting my ragtime music solely from the Internet and recordings, I had a pleasant surprise. Virginia Tichenor emailed

Adam Swanson and Johnny Maddox Sept 24 2004 768x512 - Remembering Old Achievements

Remembering Old Achievements

This month, I fear I will be rambling even more than usual. So many things rattle around in my head these days, so I’ll just

Sue Keller and Mike Schwimmer 2014 Howard Vigorita photo 768x432 - The Cape Cod Ragtime Festival

The Cape Cod Ragtime Festival

I have recently been blowing the dust off nearly 50 years of photos and ephemera from the many annual trips my wife and I took

Jack Love Larry Melton Danny Matson Arlo Lusby Sedalia Chester Katnipski

Appointment in Sedalia

No dusting off this month, only fresh anecdotes and delightful reminiscences. I managed to spend a week at the 38th Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in

W.C.Handy Orchestra 1918

W.C. Handy, Sedalia, and Joplin Lore

This month I am going to use this tiny Sedalia newspaper snippet from 1902 to discuss some thoughts on research and then segue to writing


Brun Campbell’s Sedalia Letters Found

Recently, letters written between 1945 and 1951 by S. Brunson Campbell (Scott Joplin’s white pupil in Sedalia in the late 1890s) were made public for

Strongwoman and Piano

Olympic Instrumentalists

Throughout mid-February, I was suitably entertained watching the Winter Olympics. I thoroughly enjoy the amazing feats of skill, endurance, agility and downright courage the athletes

Future Capital Grand March Clayton Kinsey

Sedalia’s Fifteen Minutes. . .

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.” This line, credited to Andy Warhol from a Stockholm exhibit catalog in 1968, has gone

Danny Matson 2 768x512 - Angels and the Arts

Angels and the Arts

I was visiting recently with a friend about angels. Not the Gabriel types, with trumpets blaring, or the ones like Clarence waiting to get their

PHOTO AT 21 768x1104 - Tom Ireland’s Clarinet

Tom Ireland’s Clarinet

Among the treasures of the Sedalia Ragtime Archive are sections of G. Thomas Ireland’s old clarinets. Though Sedalia ragtime is usually associated with Scott Joplin,

Easter Rising 1916 e1562380295894 768x302 - Looking Back at. . .1916?

Looking Back at. . .1916?

In December it is customary to review the major events of the year but I’m far too off-put by this year’s chaos so I decided

Ragtime Chocolates - Sedalia and Syncopation

Sedalia and Syncopation

Fred Hoeptner’s paper on the origin and use of the term “ragtime” delivered at last Summer’s Joplin Festival in Sedalia has had me thinking about

Trebor Tichenor Piano Rolls

Restoring Virtue to Archiving

Perceptions As I was wandering the Internet this month for ragtime news, something Jeanie Wright wrote on her Facebook page caught my attention. When asked

Joplin Stamp 1 e1537461587817 - The Scott Joplin Postage Stamp

The Scott Joplin Postage Stamp

1983 was a busy year… I note that as the Director of Symposia for the 2017 Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival, Bill Edwards will present

Larry radio - Memories of a Listener

Memories of a Listener

I enjoy working with the ephemera of the Ragtime Archive in Sedalia and, as a diversion, I work with my own accumulation of personal scrapbook

R 1654673 1348855514 1472.jpeg - Clyde McCoy brings the Sugar Blues

Clyde McCoy brings the Sugar Blues

While blowing off the dust this morning, an old newspaper clipping fell out of a scrapbook and it took me back to Sedalia, Missouri in

43800003 sedalia mo usa august 3 2015 scott joplin plays maple leaf rag on piano a large building wall mural - Missouri Musical Heritage Trail Proposed

Missouri Musical Heritage Trail Proposed

In the month supposedly reserved for New Year resolutions, I prefer to look back forty years to an as yet unrealized resolution from the 1970s.

14947964 10210986508281854 2097105002056709361 n 768x432 - The Power of Internet Connection

The Power of Internet Connection

I can’t believe that I ever functioned without Internet email, social media, and especially without the benefit of search engines and databases. As someone who

Scott Joplin memorial hwy - Scott Joplin Memorial Highway Designated

Scott Joplin Memorial Highway Designated

At the opening concert of this year’s Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival in Sedalia, Missouri, Mayor Stephen Galliher announced that the Missouri State Legislature had

a woman blowing the dust off of the cover of a book s7ifiaze0 1 768x458 - Blowing off the Dust #1

Blowing off the Dust #1

This was the first installment of Larry Melton’s Blowing off the Dust column for The Syncopated Times back in October 2016. I have been reflecting recently


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