Blowing Off The Dust


Thinking Positive

Like many reading this, I suspect you are nearly overwhelmed by the negativism accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a pessimistic time and for many

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Melton Family John Melton Photo

My Musical Family

My column requires a disclaimer this month because frankly, it amounts to little more than a grandfather bragging obnoxiously about his grandchildren. That written, I’ve

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Jack Love Larry Melton Danny Matson Arlo Lusby Sedalia Chester Katnipski

Appointment in Sedalia

No dusting off this month, only fresh anecdotes and delightful reminiscences. I managed to spend a week at the 38th Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in

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Strongwoman and Piano

Olympic Instrumentalists

Throughout mid-February, I was suitably entertained watching the Winter Olympics. I thoroughly enjoy the amazing feats of skill, endurance, agility and downright courage the athletes

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Danny Matson

Angels and the Arts

I was visiting recently with a friend about angels. Not the Gabriel types, with trumpets blaring, or the ones like Clarence waiting to get their

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Tom Ireland’s Clarinet

Among the treasures of the Sedalia Ragtime Archive are sections of G. Thomas Ireland’s old clarinets. Though Sedalia ragtime is usually associated with Scott Joplin,

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Ragtime Chocolates

Sedalia and Syncopation

Fred Hoeptner’s paper on the origin and use of the term “ragtime” delivered at last Summer’s Joplin Festival in Sedalia has had me thinking about

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Trebor Tichenor Piano Rolls

Restoring Virtue to Archiving

Perceptions As I was wandering the Internet this month for ragtime news, something Jeanie Wright wrote on her Facebook page caught my attention. When asked

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Larry radio - Memories of a Listener

Memories of a Listener

I enjoy working with the ephemera of the Ragtime Archive in Sedalia and, as a diversion, I work with my own accumulation of personal scrapbook

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a woman blowing the dust off of the cover of a book s7ifiaze0 1 768x458 - Blowing off the Dust #1

Blowing off the Dust #1

This was the first installment of Larry Melton’s Blowing off the Dust column for The Syncopated Times back in October 2016. I have been reflecting recently

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