Blowing Off The Dust

Guitarist Steven Hancoff

This month I continue to write about the premier 1974 Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in Sedalia, Missouri. Last month I featured Flint Long, piano contest

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Three Cent Donation

For the next year I will be blowing the dust off stories of the first Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival held in Sedalia, MO, July 25-27,

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A Reprieve

It had been a reasonably normal day, perhaps even a little more pleasant than most. However, toward the middle of the afternoon, a minor cough

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In the Loop

As I have often mentioned, having a column in this publication has opened the world of ragtime for me. It is often an adventure to

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Remembering Leon Dudley

I have met or learned of some of the most interesting people through conversations with Max Morath. Recently he happened to mention his work in

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Show Business Neighbors

When Joe Bebco forwarded an inquiry about Max Morath from Anne Phillips recently, I anxiously responded. Anne and her husband, bassist Bill Phillips, were neighbors

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Sheet Music Orgy

Have you ever immersed yourself in a trivial pursuit while important tasks needed your immediate attention? Well, a friend recently added six inches of sheet

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CC Hubbard

Healing a Racial Divide

This is a pleasant article for me to write, though it resurrects a reminder of unpleasant times. I hope readers will find the healing nature

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