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Vitality 5

The Vitality Five are Perfectionists with Pep

For some musicians, good enough just ain’t good enough—only perfection will do. In his autobiography Trumpet on the Wing, Joe Manone remembers Bix Beiderbecke chastising

Don Neely by Matias Bombal March 2019

Don Neely’s Royal Society Jazzes On

One can’t imagine the vintage music scene today without the influence of Don Neely, the founder of the long-running Royal Society Jazz Orchestra. The California-based

terry myers

Terry Myers: One of a Kind

Researching Terry Myers can be a bit exhausting, especially his last 35 years or so. I’ve never encountered a musician who has played in and

Adam Swanson

Adam Swanson’s Millennial Syncopations

Not many 27-year-old performers have a professional career spanning over a decade and a half, including a performance at Carnegie Hall with Michael Feinstein and a full solo program at the Kennedy Center

John Edward Hasse rewirement

John Edward Hasse, The Music Man

Few jazz fans would argue the value of ragtime, including both its continued popularity and its huge contribution to the early development of jazz. And

Andy Schumm

Andy Schumm: Chicago’s Hot Jazz Maestro

Chicago’s reputation in the Jazz world is indisputable. Often considered the nursery of jazz, many of the greats came here, called it home and nursed

Anderson Twins 16 300x232 - The Andersons Come Out Swinging!

The Andersons Come Out Swinging!

When asked what attracted them to jazz, the response you get from Pete and Will Anderson is “The jazz bug hit us very early on.

Nicola Farnon 1 300x218 - Nicola Farnon Sings and Swings!

Nicola Farnon Sings and Swings!

Nicola Farnon is surely living most musicians’ dream. In demand throughout Europe, the well-travelled jazz singer and bassist toured Ukraine last month. She has played

Original Winiker Family Band Bill Winiker

The Winikers: A Lineage of Great Jazz

I first heard trumpeter Bo and drummer Bill Winiker play at a wedding in the late 1970s and they were terrific. They swung like crazy

John Pizzarelli

John Pizzarelli Celebrates King Cole

March 17th marked the 100th birthday of the late Nathaniel Adams Coles, aka Nat “King” Cole, and guitarist-vocalist John Pizzarelli isn’t letting that important milestone

ed laub with guitar

Ed Laub Swings the Strings in NJ

When I see the long lists of famous musicians from New Jersey, it makes me wonder whether it’s all coincidental or, maybe, there’s really something

C.W. Stoneking Steel Guitar

C.W. Stoneking: Hokum Down Under

“… One afternoon, back in Port of Spain, Trinidad, I met four scientists in a bar, they were on their way to West Africa to

Cat Russell

Catherine Russell is Jazz Royalty

Singer Catherine Russell is jazz royalty, a queen of jazz, soul, and blues. Her crown comes not only from her immense talent as a vocalist

MattDuskImage23 Jeff Kirk and John Edgar crop e1548722348716 300x188 - Matt Dusk: In Sinatra’s Footsteps

Matt Dusk: In Sinatra’s Footsteps

Since high school, Canadian jazz singer Matt Dusk has dreamed of swaggering in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. So

Ehud Asherie 20699970803 300x200 - Ehud Asherie: “A Jazz Polymath”

Ehud Asherie: “A Jazz Polymath”

Ehud Asherie has definitely taken a circuitous route to becoming a professional musician. The 39-year-old pianist was born in Israel, lived in Italy for six

Daisy Castro with Violin

An Interview with Daisy Castro

At 21 Daisy Castro has already had an interesting and varied career in music. She began to learn classical violin at age six and was

Dandy Wellington

Dandy Wellington: ‘Life Is an Occasion’

The Harlem-based Bandleader Ruminates on Music, Performance, and Style William Shakespeare once famously asked “What’s in a name?” That line from Romeo and Juliet could

Ellis horne Yerba Buena Jazz Band

Turk Murphy’s Respect for the Past

I first heard Turk Murphy’s band back in my sportswriting days when I was in Cleveland, Ohio, to cover a college football game in 1949.

Neville Dickie house concert crop 259x300 - A Conversation with Pianist Neville Dickie

A Conversation with Pianist Neville Dickie

This column’s title includes the word “travels.” This installment is no different, but this time the travels weren’t mine. Neville Dickie, the renowned British stride

Adrian Cunningham

Adrian Cunningham: The Professor Swings

Australian-born Adrian Cunningham got hooked on jazz early in life listening to his father’s collection of 78 RPM records. As he began to achieve success

Bria Skonberg

Bria Skonberg: A New Force in Jazz

It was about 15 years ago that I first began to hear rave reports about a young Canadian trumpet player who was taking the Dixieland

Evan Arntzen by John Herr 2017 07 24 300x199 - Evan Arntzen Carries Family Tradition Forward

Evan Arntzen Carries Family Tradition Forward

Four generations of reedman Evan Arntzen’s family have been merry music makers. Covering more than 100 years. Evan’s great-grandfather came to North America from Norway

threesacrowd 300x226 - Steve Ross: The King of Cabaret

Steve Ross: The King of Cabaret

When New York City pianist-singer Bobby Short died in 2005, Steve Ross, the “crown prince of cabaret” as the New York Times dubbed him, became

Colin Hancock Portrait

Colin Hancock: Bolden and Beyond

At age 21, Colin Hancock is making serious waves in the early jazz community. Hancock, now in his junior year at Cornell University, discovered the

Sam Post e1547937565976 300x189 - Sam Post’s Ragtime Obsession

Sam Post’s Ragtime Obsession

At a time when most people are just beginning to hit their stride, Sam Post already has a long list of accomplishments to his name

Chuck Redd drums tone 300x277 - Chuck Redd: A Drummer’s Odyssey

Chuck Redd: A Drummer’s Odyssey

Percussionist Chuck Redd (photo courtesy Chuck Redd has a growing reputation as one of the top performers on the jazz circuit today who is

Mike Davis trumpet

Mike Davis Finds the Way Back

The ‘Transcendent’ Purpose and Relevance of Early Jazz Mike Davis may be the most ubiquitous trumpet player in New York City. On any given night,

Randy Sandke

Randy Sandke: A Study in Versatility

Versatility and innovation are two terms that most appropriately can be applied to trumpeter Randy Sandke, although he considers himself more of a survivor who

Palast Orchester 2006 China 300x214 - Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester

Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester

For an evening of nostalgia, good music, and light humor, be sure to catch Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester if they happen to pass

Muriel Anderson 275x300 - Muriel Anderson Playing Harp Guitar

Muriel Anderson Playing Harp Guitar

A New Guitar Voice Muriel Anderson, a remarkable musician, is in the top echelon of international guitarists, and perhaps one of the most versatile. Her

Howard Alden Switzerland March 2013 news 300x199 - Howard Alden: Master of the Guitars

Howard Alden: Master of the Guitars

Editors Note: Our October 2018 issue features a review of one of Howard Alden’s current projects: The Great Banjo Summit & Other Things with Strings

Henry Acker

Henry Acker: Gypsy Jazz Guitar Phenom

At the Chicken Fat Ball in Maplewood, NJ—the subject of this month’s Jazz Travels column—I saw 12-year-old Henry Acker on guitar with Jason Anick’s band.

4817424 orig 300x200 - Brian Holland: Predestined to Perform

Brian Holland: Predestined to Perform

Brian Holland feels that his career as a professional musician was preordained. His music existence began at the age of 3. Blessed with perfect pitch

Veronica Swift closeup Rochester 300x200 - Veronica Swift in the Fast Lane

Veronica Swift in the Fast Lane

She may be just 22 years of age, but jazz singer Veronica Swift is no novice. The daughter of veteran jazz pianist Hod O’Brien and

1500484955 Stephanie Trick Paolo Aldereghi tickets 300x169 - Paolo Alderighi: Spreading Joy for Jazz

Paolo Alderighi: Spreading Joy for Jazz

When asked for his first impression on meeting Stephanie Trick in 2008 at a festival in Switzerland, Paolo Alderighi responded without hesitation, “I was totally

1464370417 back image Banu HEADER 300x143 - Banu Gibson: First Lady of the Bayou

Banu Gibson: First Lady of the Bayou

The name Banu (pronounced “Bah-new”) means “lady” in Persian. Other sources say the name comes from “Peri-Banu,” a genie-woman mentioned in Arabian Nights. A person

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