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Theater closure notice 768x614 - Stuck Home Stomp

Stuck Home Stomp

There is no point in attempting my usual meandering approach to the topic that preoccupies all of us at the moment. Just as unnecessary travel


Confessions of a Fauxstalgia Bro

I wasn’t going to write the column I’m about to write. It’s going to cause me more of the trouble I’ve lately been experiencing, but

RADIOLA 1920s and 1930s clean radiola365

Words Fail Us

Last December, after wrapping up the layout of my January issue and launching it into the world, I was privileged to revisit what had been

Kat Edmondson Michael Katsobashvili

I’m Not Worthy! (Am I?)

I was deeply moved—and somewhat embarrassed—to read Larry Melton’s encomium for The Syncopated Times (and its hapless publisher). I do acknowledge that the survival of

Brunswick Model 102 portable

Portable Joy

Sometimes I forget to breathe. That’s not literally so, but it might as well be. In editing and publishing The Syncopated Times for four years


The Envelope Pushes Back

I am never quite sure, when I sit down to write this column each month, whether it’s going to be a jeremiad or an exercise

Woodsman Spare That Dream!

Woodman, Spare That Dream!

I find myself at the end of a long and harrowing layout process (which may be characterized as the maraschino cherry perched atop my annual

walking on eggshells

Is the term “Dixieland Jazz” Racist?

It is my (probably naive) assumption that the vast majority of us muddle through our days not intending to hurt anyone’s feelings. The more sensitive

Block Head

None but a Blocked Head

When I was in high school, I began a book report sixty-four times. I finished none of those sixty-four drafts, and I took an F

cropped Slim Gaillard and Monkey - Why Be Legendary?

Why Be Legendary?

Aside from the mere act of dragging myself out of bed and facing a computer screen every day, the most challenging aspect of editing The

goofus - Never Mind the Epaulets

Never Mind the Epaulets

I look back with no special fondness on a publication that used to be ubiquitous in waiting rooms, Highlights for Children. I somehow acquired a

Change is Good - Change is Good?

Change is Good?

I admit an aversion—if not an antipathy—to change. Change is at times necessary, at a certain point it is inevitable, but I wince when I

Rome Sentinel 1908

Arrivederci, Fresno!

If, upon leafing through this month’s edition of The Syncopated Times, you notice a few differences from how the paper has appeared in previous issues,

cobwebs - Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See?

Sometimes we need to be gently but firmly reminded that life is not of infinite length. I’ve been chugging along in my syncopated rut for

speakeasy - What Price Syncopation?

What Price Syncopation?

Three years ago this month, I set forth on a journey of perpetual astonishment with the first issue of The Syncopated Times. “How did I

cold 768x432 - Baby, It’s Colder Inside

Baby, It’s Colder Inside

Since the advent of the internet, it seems that every season is Silly Season. That oasis of frivolity used to be limited to the late

1007 Buschmann Rd

Please Forward—If Possible

As part and parcel of taking on the publication of The Syncopated Times, I find that I’ve acquired a community. I wouldn’t describe us as

Louis Mazetier feet crop - How Clean is Your Palate?

How Clean is Your Palate?

I don’t know if there is a law, axiom, or principle to this effect someplace, but I begin to discover that the best way to

love comma - Love and the Single Factotum

Love and the Single Factotum

I had to reflect, this month, on the passing of JazzTimes publisher Ira Sabin at age 90. In reading his Washington Post obituary I was

Gaslight 1944 trailer - Jazz By Gaslight

Jazz By Gaslight

 Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer in a Screenshot from the trailer of Gaslight (1944) (Public Domain) Having spent my childhood and an unconscionable portion of my

Annie and The Hedonists

A Needed Touch of Hedonism

Certain matters of local pride in a community invariably become annoyances to particular members of that community. Twenty years ago we bought a delightful Victorian

Farm Radio

Turn Off Your Radio

(Related Story: Hot Jazz Saturday Night Cancelled) Most of my life I have been fascinated with radio. My childhood, of course, was dominated by television—because

Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)

Sorry, Right Number!

It may indicate a distinctly unbusinesslike attitude, but I regard picking up the telephone receiver to make a call with the same enthusiasm I’d muster

old computer

Come Visit Our Dot Com

Perhaps it is just my Inner Reactionary talking, but some days I find very little that is delightful about the internet, or (as I am

Public Domain

Paying the Piper’s Lawyer

There is a song, whose title I dare not quote lest I incur the wrath of the copyright holders, that states something to the effect


On Going Postal(ly)

When I began publishing The Syncopated Times in February 2016, I stated my determination to reach out beyond the arbitrary borders of this country to

Sisyphys (1548–49) by Titian

Every Month, a New Boulder

Each month when I begin work on the following month’s issue of The Syncopated Times I often think of Sisyphus, king of Ephyra, condemned for

W. C. Fields in his famous role as Mr. Micwaber. Public Domain

A Season of Superlatives

During the season in which I write this, it is almost impossible to avoid Charles Dickens’ inky thumbprint on our culture. There is a pervasive

felsnapthaoriginal - Keeping It Clean(ish)

Keeping It Clean(ish)

I am old enough to remember when the prospect of having one’s mouth washed out with soap was a credible threat. Not that such a

Ruddigore Poster - Coincidence? Nah

Coincidence? Nah

Poster for a production of Ruddigore, published in 1887. I don’t find anything especially remarkable about coincidences, except that they seem to happen all the time.

a1829814338 10 768x768 - Jazz and Not-Jazz

Jazz and Not-Jazz

Cover Art: When I think of some of the acts that are chosen to perform at certain jazz festivals, I cannot help but hear the

233 e1536007955513 - Message Not Sent

Message Not Sent

On Dancing Bears, Sarcasm, and the Imperfect Reliability of Electronic Mail At certain times I begin to loathe the internet, resent my computer, and nurse

odjb photo 1 the jazz age mja pc elements2 768x515 - Appropriation—with Due Respect

Appropriation—with Due Respect

Traditional Jazz and Cultural Appropriation it occurred to me as I was microwaving my (very) late breakfast of a bean, cheese, and jalapeño burrito, that

33 - Everything is Contemporary

Everything is Contemporary

Everything is Contemporary One of the unforeseen side effects of the internet is that everything is made contemporary. For those seeking to commune with the

1ccb256d9a2c70c35624820198f3e2b6 - How Could You Possibly Go Wrong?

How Could You Possibly Go Wrong?

In January 2016, when I launched The Syncopated Times as Publisher and Editor, I had not gauged the full import of assuming responsibility for every

Dowling Carnegie

Why Scott Joplin Still Matters

“Traveling,” said Mme. de Staël, “is a melancholy pleasure.” I’m inclined to concur, despite the chorus of protest that will rise with discordant variations on

Syncopated Oxford Comma Remover 1 crop - Oxford Comma Remover, Get Yours Now

Oxford Comma Remover, Get Yours Now

A Note on (for the Want of a Better Word) Style There persists a somewhat stereotyped image of The Editor, bolstered by media archetypes Perry

hl mencken photo e1539176210449 768x502 - Tales of the Adventurous Recluse

Tales of the Adventurous Recluse

I’m down on heroes at the moment. And by “heroes,” I’m not referring to those genuinely heroic people who rush into burning buildings to save

hqdefault 1 - I’m Sorry for Our Loss

I’m Sorry for Our Loss

One of the little-noted casualties of the Social Media revolution is our fluency in composing a simple and heartfelt message of condolence. The Victorians were

3084522 3 768x559 - Shellac That Takes You Back

Shellac That Takes You Back

A Kind of Immortality There’s something exquisitely ironic about publishing and editing a paper dedicated to joyous and lively syncopated music and not finding the

we may not have sympathy crop 768x344 - A Hot Jazz Space for Civility

A Hot Jazz Space for Civility

I face the task of writing this essay with more than a little dread. Last month’s “Static” expressed my views concisely and effectively, and if

Dog Radio Pipe 768x588 - When are you?

When are you?

This essay ran in our November 2016 issue, before the election of that year. Unless you’ve been in a medically-induced coma for a year or

why wont you listen 768x412 - What Do You Hear?

What Do You Hear?

My wife and I were fortunate this past month to hear a program of Spanish and Latin American piano music, with commentary, offered as part

Address label Aug 2016 crop e1547648658796 768x378 - Sing Along With Glitch!

Sing Along With Glitch!

When I launched The Syncopated Times this past February, I made it my policy never to apologize to readers for anything except publishing information that

img 9333 - MOLDY FIG, GO HOME!


Even when writing about a topic as delightful and congenial as early jazz, it’s quite impossible to avoid controversy. To be fair, just about everyone

Cant you take a few things more - Notes from the Undermined

Notes from the Undermined

From the time I was a mere child until the present day, people have felt that they could say anything at all to me. Sometimes


The Pain of Music

I have previously written in this space about “dread.” I then referred to a more general foreboding—which still occasionally visits me, in spite of my

Pit Band Cartoon

The Serious Business of Levity

On April 9, my wife Sue and I were delighted to attend a performance by Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks in Upper Nyack, New York.

The View From the Childrens Table

The View From the Children’s Table

I have been allowed to live on this planet (by virtue of not being worth the energy to throttle) for fifty-three years. It’s a lovely

New Wonders Gotham Jazz Fest April 8 Neal Siegal

This was the Dream

It was a dream: my wife and I were in a large old auditorium which, instead of theater seating, had a polished hardwood dance floor.


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