Web Advertisements:

We are open to any web advertising opportunities that our readers would appreciate. If you have a proposal for a web ad please contact 

Prime Ad Placement: $150 a month ($100 for print advertisers).

A rotating scroll of all of our prime ads is embedded within each article. Ads within the text of stories are the gold standard because people reading an article are guaranteed to look at them. Your ad will also appear on the sidebar, and in a rotating scroll at the bottom of certain static pages,  i.e. “Contact Page”, “About Page”, etc. On longer articles, this slider will appear as many as seven times.

Where relevant we will also post an event preview on the website which may or may not run in the print paper but will be shared on our Facebook page. This can be adapted from a press release, be a relevant story submitted by an event artist or director, or be written by us after talking to a featured artist about the event. There is no guarantee of an event preview story, but we prioritize advertisers.

Hot Jazz Jubilee ad
Whitley Bay Jazz Fest ad
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Sidebar Only Ads: $60 a Month or $180 for Four Months.

They can also be negotiated for longer or shorter amounts of time as brief as a week.

Ads on the sidebar will only appear prominently to computer users, those visiting on phones and tablets must scroll past the article they are reading to see them. Roughly 50% of our visitors are on desktops or laptops. Fewer people will see your ad here which is why the sidebar rate is so much lower. Sidebar ads are well suited to items for immediate purchase by people already sitting at their computers, such as books or albums, or as a “Save The Date” early notice of an event.


We started our online subscription format in August 2018. Traffic has steadily increased every month and we expect it to continue to do so before flattening out. We have a baseline of around 325 unique visitors a day with a large spike in the days surrounding a new issue, or when a breaking news item goes viral. We average around 20,000 page views a month from about 10,000 unique visitors.

Ads in our Print Edition:


A postcard-sized ad:

(3.5″ by 5″) would be $240 per year (twelve issues). Small (2.5″ square) ads are
$100 per year; 2.5″ by 5″ are $200.

Monthly display ads would be as follows, with a 10% discount for multiple issues:
Full Page: $360 per insertion
Size: 10in.wide x 15.75in.deep

3/4-Page: $290 per insertion
Sizes: 10in.wide x 12in.deep
7.5in.wide x 15.75in.deep

2/3-Page: $262 per insertion
Size: 10in.wide x 11in.deep

1/2-Page: $210 per insertion
Sizes: 10in.wide x 8in.deep
7.5in.wide x 10.5in.deep
5in.wide x 15.75in.deep

Full CMYK or RGB Color: $100 per page (prorated according to the size of the ad).

1/4-Page: $130 per insertion
Sizes: 5in.wide x 8in.deep
7.5in.wide x 5in.deep

We can use high-quality PDF and JPEG files, 300 dpi if possible. We want your ad to be clear and sharp.

Scroll through this PDF to get a feel of how your ad will fit in, then contact to discuss your ad:

Hot Jazz Jubilee ad
Whitley Bay Jazz Fest ad
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