Web Advertisements:

Our online ad rates are as follows:

Prime ad placements: $100 a month.

Banner area, top of text in articles, or embedded within articles (site-wide)

Your ad will rotate through these locations with four other ads. Yours will appear in at least one of these locations on each page load. On longer articles, your ad may appear more than once. 

Secondary locations: $50 a month.

Your ad will rotate through the following locations. Appearing in different positions with each page load

Sidebars, top of static pages(site-wide), or bottom of static pages(site-wide)

We only started our online subscription format in late July, here are our August numbers, we expect them to increase before flattening out:

Analytics All Web Site Data Audience Overview 20180801-20180831 (1) (1) (1)

We are open to other web advertising opportunities that we think will be appreciated by our readers. If you have a proposal for a web-only advertisement feel free to contact Joe.

Ads in our Print Edition:

To discuss an advertisement for the paper itself contact: [email protected]


A postcard-sized ad:

(3.5″ by 5″) would be $240 per year (twelve issues). Small (2.5″ square) ads are
$100 per year; 2.5″ by 5″ are $200.

Monthly display ads would be as follows, with a 10% discount for multiple issues:
Full Page: $360 per insertion
Size: 10in.wide x 15.75in.deep

3/4-Page: $290 per insertion
Sizes: 10in.wide x 12in.deep
7.5in.wide x 15.75in.deep

2/3-Page: $262 per insertion
Size: 10in.wide x 11in.deep

1/2-Page: $210 per insertion
Sizes: 10in.wide x 8in.deep
7.5in.wide x 10.5in.deep
5in.wide x 15.75in.deep

Full CMYK or RGB Color: $100 per page (prorated according to the size of the ad).

1/4-Page: $130 per insertion
Sizes: 5in.wide x 8in.deep
7.5in.wide x 5in.deep

We can use high-quality PDF and JPEG files, 300 dpi if possible. We want your ad to be clear and sharp.

Scroll through this PDF to get a feel of how your ad will fit in:


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