My Inspirations

Sausage Baps and Tribute Bands

By now you faithful readers able to wade through my initial meanderings in each column are hopefully anticipating that they (usually) lead to something worthwhile.

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An Inspirational Olio

If you’ll allow that inspirations come in all shapes, colors and sizes, I’ll share that for me March has already yielded bunches of them and

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What’s My Number?

We all struggle with the conundrum regarding Art and Life: which imitates which? Sometimes it seems as if we are watching rather than scriptwriting our

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The Yankee Silversmith Inn in an undated postcard view.

The Yankee Silversmith Inn

In April, I described from whence came my fascination with silent film comedy and introduced to my column Jan Fitzgerald, a woman who would continue

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Rules of the Road

During the 22-month “virus vacation” when Anne and I spent more nights in our own bed than we had in the previous 10 years of

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It’s funny how as we get older, people who meant a great deal to us in our distant youth—but whom we’ve not thought of or

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Raising the Bar with Flora

(Earnest Announcer): When we last left our store-rey, our intrepid trio, having completed their gig on Long Island Sound, was hurtling across the water’s surface

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More-a the Flora (Part 1)

“Jeff, I’ve got a gig for you this Labor Day,” whined my friend Stu Ingersoll in his ponderous yet always welcome voice. “Terrific, Stu!” In

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From left: Jeff Barnhart, John Sheridan, Hank Troy; seated: the great Ralph Sutton

Ralph Sutton’s Last Hurrah

Last month, I included a partial list of discontinued festivals in my column. Performing at these festivals provided me with memories that make me smile

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Flora in the 1970's

Flora of Essex

Inspirations can be widely shared or private. We’ve all enjoyed being inspired by a chance encounter with someone who becomes a dear friend or reacquainting

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