The Syncopated Times

Herbert L Clarke

Digging into the Cornet

While listening to cornetist Nat Adderley light it up during a recent listening session, I thought “Why does he play this aggressive style on cornet

Jim Cullum, Jr. Remembered

Good friend, wise mentor, engaged and storied musicianer, active community leader, strong role model, curator and caretaker of jazz, spirited character: Jim Cullum. This is

Adam Swanson

Adam Swanson’s Millennial Syncopations

Not many 27-year-old performers have a professional career spanning over a decade and a half, including a performance at Carnegie Hall with Michael Feinstein and a full solo program at the Kennedy Center

John Edward Hasse rewirement

John Edward Hasse, The Music Man

Few jazz fans would argue the value of ragtime, including both its continued popularity and its huge contribution to the early development of jazz. And

Stephanie Trick Scott Joplin 2019

From the 38th Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival

The Thursday afternoon concert featured new pieces by contemporary composers such as Vincent Johnson, Marty Mincer, John Reed-Torres, and Martin Spitznagel, the latter two playing their own works. This added a welcome variety

Billie Holiday Profiles in Jazz

Billie Holiday: Profiles in Jazz

She had a small voice that could not compare to that of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. She never scatted and her improvising tended to


Clarence Williams: Profiles in Jazz

Jazz history books often leave his name out, but Clarence Williams was a major force in the 1920s and ’30s and had quite a career;

Frank Sinatra and Harry James

Harry James: Profiles in Jazz

Next to Louis Armstrong, Harry James was not only the most famous trumpeter of the 1940s but remains a household name decades after his death.

Trial by Jury WS GIlbert


I recently observed that, in your youth, you know you have a dear friend if they help you move. At my age, if they show

My Right Foot – Part Two

Last night was my first gig back after foot surgery—and it was, thankfully, a fairly easy one. I delegated the herding duties to another musician

My Right Foot – Part One

“I don’t like how swollen that leg is. I need you to go right now and get a sonogram to rule out a blood clot.”

Sound Check Guy

The Sound Guy

Performing live cuts to the essence of what we do as jazz musicians. We love performing in intimate settings (because jazz is traditionally acoustic music)

Illustration by Frank Page

The Art of the Vibe

With the relatively recent advent of formal education in jazz, coupled with the endless resources provided by the internet, I am excited and heartened by

Elliot Adams and Michael Chisholm at the 2017 Santa Cruz Ragtime Festival

Michael Chisholm’s Labors of Love

Making new friends and learning more about older acquaintances is one of the many rewards of being part of the on-line ragtime community. I am

Ted Shafer (1925-2019)

For several decades, now, Ted Shafer has been something of an institution in traditional jazz in the San Francisco Bay Area. The message on his

Bob Wilber young

Classic Jazz Reedman Bob Wilber has Died

Jazz revival clarinet and saxophonist Bob Wilber, who explored the sound of Sidney Bechet, and at times stood beside him died August 4th, he was

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