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Chief Jolly marches

A History of New Orleans Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras, is Feb. 25th this year. Mardi Gras dates back thousands of years to pagan celebrations of spring and

Gus Haenschen record ad

The First Jazz on Disc: Why Haenschen Swings

Sound recordings as documents of stylistic development are an integral part of jazz research. Being able to hear musical transformation and evolution over a period

Paris Washboard

Paris Washboard Make Rare US Tour

Paris Washboard, the renowned French quartet, will be making its first US appearance in over two years, with four concerts in February in Pennsylvania and

Firehouse Five

Texas Shout #68 Dixieland Revisited, part 2

Set forth below is the sixty-eighth “Texas Shout” column. The concluding installment of a two-part essay,(part 1,) it first appeared in the December 1995 issue

Dukes and Louis Armstrong

Texas Shout #67 Dixieland Revisited

Set forth below is the sixty-seventh “Texas Shout” column. The initial installment of a two-part essay, it first appeared in the November 1995 issue of 

Jazz National Park

Texas Shout #66 Government Subsidies

Set forth below is the sixty-sixth “Texas Shout” column. The concluding installment of a two-part essay (part 1), it first appeared in the October 1995

Dancers San Diego Jazz

From the 2019 San Diego Jazz Festival

Combined with my trip to the West Coast Ragtime Festival as reported last month, I attended for the second time the San Diego Jazz Fest


Paul Whiteman: Profiles in Jazz

A household name during the 1920s, Paul Whiteman led the most popular orchestra of the decade. He expertly mixed together occasional jazz pieces with semi-classical

jelly roll morton

Jelly Roll Morton: Profiles in Jazz

Jelly Roll Morton was a towering figure in early jazz, and one with a very large number of accomplishments. As a pianist who had his


Nat King Cole: Profiles in Jazz

The Nat King Cole story is a tale of two major talents, both owned by the same person. Equally skilled as a jazz pianist and

WCRF 300x232 - From the 33rd West Coast Ragtime Festival

From the 33rd West Coast Ragtime Festival

A plenitude of pleasures delighted fans who filled Rancho Cordova’s elegant Marriott Hotel and then some as the 33rd annual West Coast Ragtime Festival opened

Dave Bennet finale

From the 2019 Suncoast Jazz Festival

I just returned from Suncoast Jazz Festival in Clearwater, Florida. Let’s cut to the chase. It was outstanding in every respect; organization, music, venue and

Banta at Edison c.1899

The Original Frank Banta

Record collectors may be familiar with the name Frank Banta—a name usually associated with hot novelty and jazz piano of the 1920s, and rightfully so.

Hager mason program(Hager scrapbook)

Fred Hager’s Scraps and Scribbles

In the field of collecting acoustic era recordings, many scholars carry on their research and listening with the idea that items like diaries and scrapbooks

Stoneman Bristol

Fred Hager and the Birth of Country Music

The recent release of Ken Burns’ multi-part documentary Country Music has sparked much conversation in the music history community. Just a few months before this

Home-Despot Santa

Give a gig this Christmas

This year I saw a covert “holiday” laced commercial in August. The commercial might have been about hemorrhoid cream. I really don’t remember. I do


Everybody Comes to Curley’s!

David Boeddinghaus, Banu Gibson, Tim Laughlin, Chloe Feoranzo, The entire Baker/Clancy family, Ralf and John Reynolds, Bob Ringwald, Dawn Lambeth, Chet Jaeger, and Pieter Meijers

Buck Clayton trumpet

Swinging with Trumpeter Buck Clayton

Jazz trumpet player Buck Clayton is best known for his role in the early years of the Count Basie orchestra and sensitive accompaniment to Billie

The Joy of Sax

The Professor in Bed

Okay folks, let’s talk about sex. We may as well do so…it’s on our minds all the time anyway (just ask Freud). Most of us

How to pick up a musician

How to Pick Up a Jazz Musician

We, in the jazz community, can sometimes get lonely barricaded in our practice rooms or in green rooms. I know it can be intimidating to

Defib a1 and a2

Let’s Keep Jazz Alive…

I’ve heard this speech many times since moving to New York…a charitable request to the audience, and somewhat of a plea on behalf of the

Syncopated Times COLLAGE

A History of The Syncopated Times

This is supposed to be a column for the new year, but I find myself beginning to write on Thanksgiving Day, thinking of all the

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