March 2021
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Original Salty Dogs Jazz Band

The Story of The Salty Dogs

With the War over, it was time for everyone to get on with their lives, including, in many cases, going back to college to finish

Duke Ellington - Cotton Tail

Codification of Jazz Solos

A codified solo provides the audience with the experience of hearing something they’ve become familiar with through recordings. Jazz musicians, among themselves, have always loved

Coleman Hawkins Body and Soul

Popular Song and the Alchemy of Jazz

It’s easy to think that the group of songs we call “Standards” and the “Great American Songbook” emerged with a quality of “timelessness” directly from

A Musician’s Life During a Pandemic

A Musician’s Life During a Pandemic

For many people, the COVID-19 Pandemic has meant simply working from home instead of going into the office. But those of us who make our

Danny Tobias by Redmile 06172019

Danny Tobias: Trumpeting and Teaching

Danny Tobias has been a fixture on the jazz scene for a long time, playing with Kenny Davern, the Midiri Brothers, and many others. Unlike

Bix and Tram

Texas Shout #71 Major Labels

Set forth below is the seventy-first “Texas Shout” column. It first appeared in the April 1996 issue of TAR. The text has not been updated

vintage music class

Texas Shout #60 Learning To Play, Part 3

Set forth below is the sixtieth “Texas Shout” column. The concluding installment of a three-part essay, (Part 1, Part 2,) it first appeared in the

A cold live show with Champian Fulton

A cold live show with Champian Fulton

Like many of you since the onset of COVID, I’ve been itching to be able to attend live music events and festivals. There just haven’t

Louis Prima

Louis Prima: Profiles in Jazz

Throughout his long career, Louis Prima was a New Orleans-based trumpeter, a good-humored singer, and a lovable personality. While his wide-ranging career can easily be

Johnny Hodges

Johnny Hodges: Profiles in Jazz

He had the most beautiful tone of anyone ever on alto-sax and possibly of all saxophonists (although Stan Getz on tenor came close). When he

World's Greatest Jazz Band

Yank Lawson and Bob Haggart: Profiles in Jazz

Trumpeter Yank Lawson and bassist-composer Bob Haggart, while having separate careers, were musical friends and collaborators for nearly six decades. They came together during at

Dave Bennet finale

Quarter Notes: Bits and Pieces

The Preservation Hall Foundation has started a new virtual instruction program with lesson plans that apply to K-12 educators, students, and parents. Access is free

Mardi Gras Reads

Mardi Gras Reads

The streets of the French Quarter will be quiet this year as all parade permits and celebrated balls have been cancelled and outside gatherings will

Museums and Meetings and All That Jazz

Museums and Meetings and All That Jazz

The New Orleans Jazz Museum is strategically located in the Old U.S. Mint—built in 1838—at the juncture of the French Quarter and Frenchmen Street where

With CalBal Live, We Need Not Stop Dancing

With CalBal Live, We Need Not Stop Dancing

As much as I’ve missed dancing during the pandemic—more than I can express, really—it’s not something I’ve sought out online. People have put a ton

Hager's Two Dollar Overtures

Hager’s Two Dollar Overtures

In 1903, two of the major disc record companies ventured into unexplored territory: long playing records. The Victor talking machine company and Columbia phonograph company

Bass Drum Conundrum

Bass Drum Conundrum

In the 19th century, the bass drum in military bands was essential. The use of bass drums continued into the earliest days of recording, but

Justin Ring and Fred Hager in 1902.

Milo and Rega

Justin Ring had a lot of love to give in his long life, as he cared for so many close friends and family. Later in

Randi Cee

Clichés in the COVID Cabaret

I am a bacon-wrapped cliché, an idiom in puffed pastry. And sometimes I am the wrong that proves the right. I have been absent from

Social Distance Line

Keep Your ?#@*&%! Distance!

My eyes are drilling into a Walgreens cashier as she chats up a small boy with his family. I look to the other person in

Spud Murphy

Lyle “Spud” Murphy: Unsung Hero of Swing

Arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist Spud Murphy wrote 600 charts for the top Swing orchestras of the 1930s, creating colorful and dynamic arrangements that shaped the

Casa Loma Band

Casa Loma Orchestra: A Vanguard of Swing

At the outset of the Swing era, Casa Loma Orchestra set the highest standards for superb musicianship, arranging, presentation, sweet ballads and hard-driving dance rhythms.

Can this Marriage Be Saved Adrian crop

Saxophone Repair

As professional musicians, our instruments are our tools of the trade. So, it’s important to keep that instrument in the best possible working condition. Regular

medieval musicians Feede ye Kittye

Busking is the New Normal

Over the past Spring in New York, I spent time busking in Central Park with some old friends, many of whom I haven’t played with

Nighthawks logo

My Time With The Nighthawks

Such is the nature of pandemia—with its unapologetic ravaging of one’s gigging calendar—that to find inspiration, it can be useful to look backwards. And lately

Carolina ’Cue Wars… (Poem)

Carolina ’Cue Wars…

I believe I have made more valuable and lasting friendships in the past year of so-called social isolation, than I have made in the past

TST 5th Anniversary Project

TST 5th Anniversary Project

As I begin writing this column for February, we are only a week into the new year. However, I have already had what will be

5th Anniversary of The Syncopated Times

5th Anniversary of The Syncopated Times

It doesn’t seem like five full years since the first issue of The Syncopated Times began appearing in our mailboxes. Since the February 2016 issue,

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