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Max Morath: Records That Changed Ragtime History

Max Morath: Records That Changed Ragtime History

Within the space of three years, ragtime pianist-composer Max Morath released four vinyl LPs on the prestigious Vanguard label: The Best of Scott Joplin (double

Risa Branch

Risa Branch: A Passion for Tradition

Singer Risa Branch is a fighter. As a self-proclaimed “former professional advocate,” she’s fought for civil rights, animal welfare, and gender equality around the United

Dukes and Louis Armstrong

Texas Shout #67 Dixieland Revisited

Set forth below is the sixty-seventh “Texas Shout” column. The initial installment of a two-part essay, it first appeared in the November 1995 issue of 

Texas Shout #41 Blues

Texas Shout #41 Blues

Set forth below is the forty-first “Texas Shout” column. It first appeared in the June 1993 issue of the West Coast Rag, now known as

Miss Jubilee Yas Yas Boys

From the 50th Bix Jazz Festival

The 50th anniversary Bix Beiderbecke jazz festival in Bix’s hometown of Davenport, Iowa, got underway in its usual fashion on Thursday afternoon, August 5, with

Isham Jones: Profiles in Jazz

Isham Jones: Profiles in Jazz

Isham Jones, whenever he is mentioned today, is cited as being a talented songwriter who added several standards to the Great American Songbook. However he

From the Central Pennsylvania Ragtime Festival

No Fests—but Lots of Music!

Although the French Quarter Festival and The Jazz & Heritage Festival were cancelled for October and postponed to its usual April-May period for next year,

Jazz in the Mountains

Jazz in the Mountains

While Hurricane Ida was heading towards New Orleans and the State of Louisiana, we were up in the northern part of Arizona at the Prescott

Steve Pistorius Southern Syncopators at French Quarter Festival

NOLA Festivals Flip Flop

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival had been scheduled for the October 8-15 weekends since earlier this year with a “save the date” promotion,

Felder #2

Live Jazz Returns to Tel Aviv

Considering that Israel is a country about the size of New Jersey with a population of about nine million, I would guess that per capita,

More Notes on Jimmy Hager

More Notes on Jimmy Hager

Last year, in this column was an article on drummer Jimmy Hager, bandmaster Fred Hager’s brother, but since that publication, more has been discovered about

Hager beefsteak(1911) detail

Boston Brass and Beefsteak

In 1910, a new phonograph company emerged in Boston, it was founded upon a few generous donations from local elites. Their donations set the company

Frank Banta's Greatest Hit

Frank Banta’s Greatest Hit

A question that phonograph collectors and historians often get asked is, “what was the most popular song to be recorded in the 1890s?” This question



I haven’t been to High Holiday services in a very long time. My last memory was crashing Yom Kippur services at my local synagogue where

Kirk Whalum, Dave Koz, and Mindi Abair at the Bowl. (Randi Cee photo)

The Tears of a Clown

My desire to lead my band and sing the old tunes hasn’t cooled, but my hustle has. My reality with an at-risk mother has devolved

Second Hand Rows

Second Hand Rows

4 years BC (Before Covid) my life hit a scary financial pothole. I had a small, yet vital secondary income and theoretically it would have

Buck Clayton’s Jazz World, Part Two

Buck Clayton’s Jazz World, Part Two

Also See: Buck Clayton’s Jazz World, Part One Jazz trumpeter Buck Clayton published a colorful and sincere autobiographical memoir thirty-five years ago. His literary voice is

Buck Clayton’s Jazz World, Part One

Buck Clayton’s Jazz World, Part One

The year 2021 marks 110 years since the birth of jazz trumpeter Buck Clayton, best known for his role in the classic early Count Basie

Music Education

Music Education

The curious thing I’ve noticed about studying jazz at university, is that it sells all the glamour of becoming a jazz star, but largely ignores

An American Art Form

An American Art Form

Jazz has had quite an amazing journey this last hundred years. It is no longer the music of the downtrodden and uneducated lower classes. It

The World’s $#!%!est Gig?

The World’s $#!%!est Gig?

The other night, I sat down with my girlfriend for a romantic night in, and we watched Titanic, that classic ’90s James Cameron blockbuster. Its

Song Introductions

Song Introductions

I was writing an autumn poem for our local nature reserve newsletter this morning describing family trips I remember as a kid. I grew up

Sutter Creed

From the 2021 Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival

The emergence of music festivals in America during the last century contributed greatly to the preservation and appreciation of the nation’s musical heritage. I have

“Democratized Communication” by Nina Paley (

A Field Guide to Social Media Types

I came to the Internet’s social media late but have benefitted immensely from the discovery. It can be unnervingly controversial, or thought provoking, and informative

Dave Donohoe

UK Trombonist Dave Donohoe has died

Trombonist Dave Donohoe passed away on October 23, he was 81. Well known among jazz musicians inn the UK he shared the local focus on

Ken Salvo

Banjoist Ken Salvo has died at 74

Banjoist and guitarist Ken Salvo passed away peacefully in Florida on September 15th, he was 74. Sandra, his wife of 52 years predeceased him by

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