September 2021
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Ken Peplowski Bounces Back After COVID

Ken Peplowski Bounces Back After COVID

The fifteen months between March 2020 and June 2021 were rough for most of us, but musicians had a particularly difficult time during that period.

Darnell Howard: A Musician’s Life, Part One

Darnell Howard: A Musician’s Life, Part One

In jazz history, “Chicago jazz” is often associated with the groundbreaking New Orleans musicians who made the Windy City their home during the twenties. “Chicagoan”

The Potomac River Jazz Club at 50

The Potomac River Jazz Club at 50

In the beginning, it was about “fun and games”. At least that was what trombonist Al Webber is reliably reported to have said when he

Risa Branch

Risa Branch: A Passion for Tradition

Singer Risa Branch is a fighter. As a self-proclaimed “former professional advocate,” she’s fought for civil rights, animal welfare, and gender equality around the United

Taslimah Bey

Texas Shout #62 Contemporary Ragtimers

Set forth below is the sixty-second “Texas Shout” column. It first appeared in the June 1995 issue of  West Coast Rag, now known as The

Miss Jubilee Yas Yas Boys

From the 50th Bix Jazz Festival

The 50th anniversary Bix Beiderbecke jazz festival in Bix’s hometown of Davenport, Iowa, got underway in its usual fashion on Thursday afternoon, August 5, with

chefs of dixieland

Jazz in Buffalo and Rochester

I spent most of this summer in western New York instead of at my usual place, Potsdam in the St. Lawrence River valley, since my

Jazz Goes Collegiate!

Jazz Goes Collegiate!

Four and a half years ago I first met Colin Hancock, whose recognition and reputation as an eminent authority on early jazz, especially that performed

Jimmie Noone (1895-1944)

Jimmie Noone: Profiles in Jazz

Jimmie Noone was one of the big three of New Orleans clarinetists to emerge on records in the 1920s, holding his own with Johnny Dodds

Steve Pistorius Southern Syncopators at French Quarter Festival

NOLA Festivals Flip Flop

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival had been scheduled for the October 8-15 weekends since earlier this year with a “save the date” promotion,

spotted cat

Back in the Quarter Again!

What a wonderful time to be in the French Quarter after all restrictions were lifted on May 28th. Plans began for a visit two weeks

This Could Be the Start of Something Big!

This Could Be the Start of Something Big!

The New Orleans Jazz Museum eagerly announced the following: Satchmo SummerFest presented by Chevron will return to the New Orleans Jazz Museum as a live

Felder #2

Live Jazz Returns to Tel Aviv

Considering that Israel is a country about the size of New Jersey with a population of about nine million, I would guess that per capita,

Frank Banta's Greatest Hit

Frank Banta’s Greatest Hit

A question that phonograph collectors and historians often get asked is, “what was the most popular song to be recorded in the 1890s?” This question

Second Hand Rows

Second Hand Rows

4 years BC (Before Covid) my life hit a scary financial pothole. I had a small, yet vital secondary income and theoretically it would have

You Can't Kill Death

You Can’t Kill Death

I don’t know who first said it but it’s as true a statement as one can utter: Death is the great equalizer. On Monday, April

Randi Cee

Clichés in the COVID Cabaret

I am a bacon-wrapped cliché, an idiom in puffed pastry. And sometimes I am the wrong that proves the right. I have been absent from

Stan McDonald

Farewell to Stan McDonald (1935-2021)

Stanley ‘Stan’ Montrose McDonald, Jr. (1935-2021) loved the music of Sidney Bechet, his wife Ellen, their historic semi-rural Massachusetts home and a hard-driving rhythm section

The World’s $#!%!est Gig?

The World’s $#!%!est Gig?

The other night, I sat down with my girlfriend for a romantic night in, and we watched Titanic, that classic ’90s James Cameron blockbuster. Its

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

A few years ago while on tour through Europe with my band, we found ourselves in Krakow, Poland. It’s a beautiful old walled city with

Professor Cunningham and his Old School Pants Optional FB

How to Be the Darling of Social Media

Like it or not, social media is not only here to stay, but also an integral part of the professional musician’s career. Our path has

“Democratized Communication” by Nina Paley (

A Field Guide to Social Media Types

I came to the Internet’s social media late but have benefitted immensely from the discovery. It can be unnervingly controversial, or thought provoking, and informative

Ragtime Community

Our Ragtime Community

I have been thinking a lot about our ragtime community these past months in forced isolation. Not that I have been unaware of the other

Harrigan’s Orpheum

Harrigan’s Orpheum

I am blowing off the dust this month with Max Morath. There are so many stories from his long career, but I am beginning with

Singer Joyce Prima Ford has died at 89

Singer Joyce Prima Ford has died at 89

Joyce Prima Ford, Louis Prima’s eldest daughter, died July 23 at 89 years old. Despite her father’s wish that she pursue a life off stage

Jazz Drummer Colin Bowden has died

Jazz Drummer Colin Bowden has died

Colin Bowden, widely regarded as one of the top New Orleans style drummers in Europe died on August 1st. Born in 1932 he began drumming

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