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A Night in Huntington Beach, 1967

Dan Barrett’s excellent article “Thoughts on the South Frisco Jazz Band” (TST, February, 2023) is a vivid description of the South Frisco’s sound and the

Bill Crow: Bassist and Storyteller Supreme

There aren’t many musicians still around who began their careers in the late 1940s. Far fewer have the incredible memory of bassist Bill Crow, who

A Conversation with T.J. Müller

Upon seeing his name, complete with umlaut, you might assume multi-instrumentalist T.J. Müller is of German heritage. You’d be mistaken. And with the first few

Mississippi Rag magazine covers

Why No Texas Shout #36?

When the Texas Shouts were reprinted in the late 90s Tex Wyndham decided against reprinting Texas Shout #36 and added the following explanation. The lack

Ken Coyler Jazzmen 53

Texas Shout #46 British Trad

The Dixieland revival that began in the U.S. in the early forties spread to England fairly rapidly despite the obstacles of wartime.


Texas Shout #70 Melodic Improvisation

Set forth below is the seventieth “Texas Shout” column. It first appeared in the March 1996 issue of  The American Rag. The text has not

A Conversation with T.J. Müller

Upon seeing his name, complete with umlaut, you might assume multi-instrumentalist T.J. Müller is of German heritage. You’d be mistaken. And with the first few

From The 2022 San Diego Jazz Festival

The 2022 San Diego Jazz Festival, the first held in person in three years, got underway on Thanksgiving Eve at the newly (since 2019) expanded


Glenn Miller: Profiles in Jazz

Of all of the swing era bandleaders, Glenn Miller had more hit records than anyone else in the jazz world, more than Benny Goodman, Artie

Jimmy Dorsey: Profiles in Jazz

When one thinks of the top alto-saxophonists of the swing era, the names of Johnny Hodges, Benny Carter and perhaps Willie Smith (from the Jimmie

Jason Marsalis at Fritzel’s – an unexpected surprise drummer with Jamil Sharif (tp) and Jim Markway (bs)

New Orleans in the New Year!

Getting back to New Orleans to finally celebrate the New Year was a fun adventure! The city experienced an extreme cold snap over the holidays

Classic Jazz In Chandler, AZ!

The Arizona Classic Jazz Society held it 33rd annual Festival in Chandler, Arizona, in early November much to the delight of its many members and

Fred Hylands 1890s

The Distinction of Fred Hylands

Every pianist has their own style, and as we study the accompaniments of the earliest acoustic recordings of the regular studio pianists of the 1890s

Zon-O-Phone: Universally Dysfunctional

In the late 1880s Thomas Edison perfected his phonograph, and set up the Edison phonograph works in Orange, New Jersey, and at the same time

New Year’s Evolution

Here I am. Just about three years later still not doing much of anything. And unlike many of you it took me until a few

The International Sweethearts of Rhythm, 1937-49

A Brief History of the Premier All-Women Swing Orchestra The International Sweethearts of Rhythm was a racially mixed sixteen-piece all-women Swing orchestra.  The word ‘International’

Jerry Lewis

As a musician, over the years, we occasionally have the opportunity to play with some giants or the industry. And about a decade ago, I

The Age We Live In

After many years touring in the US, playing traditional jazz festivals, cruises and what have you, there’s an unavoidable truth that we’ll have to address

In the Loop

As I have often mentioned, having a column in this publication has opened the world of ragtime for me. It is often an adventure to

The Demise of Names & Numbers

We have faced many obituaries of major figures in music since the pandemic and a similar increase in the number of program and event cancellations

Composer Burt Bacharach has Died

Burt Bacharach died on February 8th, he was 94. Bacharach was a songwriter, composer, pianist, and producer, he was considered one of the most influential

Jazz Singer Carol Sloane has Died

Jazz singer Carol Sloane died on January 23rd she was 85. Though she was a Columbia artist in the 1960s, it is for her late

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