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May 31, 2001.

Bob Mielke: A Reminiscence

Bob Mielke, a very great jazz artist, a hero on trombone and a dear friend, has just died at 93. For me, Bob defined a

Doug Benson

Doug Benson on the Record

Doug Benson’s work on King Oliver and Wolverines material quickly became benchmarks for what proper audio restoration could reveal. Since those discs in 2007 and

Tex Wyndham

Texas Shout #75 The Final Shout, Part 2

Set forth below is the seventy-fifth and last “Texas Shout” column. The concluding installment of a two-part essay, (part 1,) it first appeared in the

Judy Garland Johnny One Note

Texas Shout #61 Johnny One Note

Set forth below is the sixty-first “Texas Shout” column. It first appeared in the May 1995 issue of the West Coast Rag). The text has

Paris Washboard

A Visit with Paris Washboard

The renowned French quartet Paris Washboard made a brief trip across the pond in February to play four concerts in my neck of the woods.

Matt Tolentino Mark Lenz Photo

A Visit with Matt Tolentino

At the West Coast Ragtime Festival in November I sat down for about half an hour for a wide-ranging conversation with multi-instrumentalist Matt Tolentino, who

Dancers San Diego Jazz

From the 2019 San Diego Jazz Festival

Combined with my trip to the West Coast Ragtime Festival as reported last month, I attended for the second time the San Diego Jazz Fest

Wibur DeParis

Wilbur DeParis: Profiles in Jazz

In the 1950s, trombonist Wilbur DeParis led his New New Orleans Jazz Band, one of the most exciting groups of the era. Accomplishing his stated

Ben Pollack

Ben Pollack: Profiles in Jazz

Decades ago, a classic Fletcher Henderson four-LP set was titled A Study In Frustration. I always thought that that title was inaccurate as far as

George Lewis and Bunk Johnson

Bunk Johnson: Profiles in Jazz

There have long been two extreme schools of thought about trumpeter Bunk Johnson. His most partisan fans thought of him not only as a genius,

Quarter Notes 1 768x317 - Jazz Festing in Place

Jazz Festing in Place

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival’s 50th anniversary celebration was cancelled for the weekends of April 23-26 and April 30-May 3. The local radio

Richard Simon and the MBHS kids on stage at the school.

From the 2020 San Diego Jazz Party

The San Diego Jazz Party began in 1988 and recently celebrated its 32nd anniversary on the weekend of February 21st at the lovely Hilton San

Fresno Mardi Gras

From the 2020 Fresno Sounds of Mardi Gras

On the second weekend in February the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Fresno was filled with the “Sounds of Mardi Gras.” All four venues are located

Handsome Harry Dance

Fred Hager and ‘Handsome Harry’

This month’s article in this column will step away from the usual type of research done here; this month we will explore a bit of

Hylands and Held’s troupe enroute to England in 1913

Fred Hylands in Vaudeville

For researchers, scouring newspaper archives is an essential, yet at times tedious, process. Hours spent reading through century-old papers may yield only a small nugget

Social Distance Line

Keep Your ?#@*&%! Distance!

My eyes are drilling into a Walgreens cashier as she chats up a small boy with his family. I look to the other person in

Home-Despot Santa

Give a gig this Christmas

This year I saw a covert “holiday” laced commercial in August. The commercial might have been about hemorrhoid cream. I really don’t remember. I do

Read Em and Wipe

How to Survive Quarantine

Here we are folks—for most of us, it’s just another day in self-quarantine. How long has it been already? A month, a week, two years?

Johnny Hodges Rabbit Rabbit

Preparing for a Performance

When you see a jazz musician up on stage, baring their heart and soul to their audience, you’re witnessing something bordering the miraculous. The true

Mens room dressing room 768x1024 - How to be the Star of the Band

How to be the Star of the Band

At some point, you may have heard some jazz educator rabbit on to a group of students with a speech like, “jazz is a group


Thinking Positive

Like many reading this, I suspect you are nearly overwhelmed by the negativism accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a pessimistic time and for many

LBB PAGE 768x768 - Peter Lundberg’s Ragtime Odyssey

Peter Lundberg’s Ragtime Odyssey

One of the great ragtime adventure stories I ever heard was of Peter Lundberg’s tour of America in 1963, vising and interviewing ragtime greats across


Ragtime composer Robin Frost has died

Robert Tuttle Morris Frost died on March 25th of pneumonia complications in California, he was 89. Born in 1930 in Washington DC he was raised

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