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Royce Martin Charts a New Path for Ragtime

Fifty years after The Sting, it takes a special kind of musician to breathe new life into “The Entertainer” or “Solace”—those Scott Joplin masterpieces that

Texas Shout #29 Picking Tunes You Can Swing

Set forth below is the twenty-ninth “Texas Shout” column. It first appeared in the June 1992 issue of  the West Coast Rag, (now Syncopated Times.) As I

Texas Shout #6 Hand-Held Live Tapes

A Note from the Editor: The past doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme and this column from 1990 is a stunning example of that.

Texas Shout #5 Non-Genre Music

The following introduction was added to this column when a series of reprints began in 1997. Set forth below is the fifth “Texas Shout” column.

From the 2023 West Coast Ragtime Festival

For the third year in a row (not counting the Covid interruption), I attended the West Coast Ragtime Festival on the weekend before Thanksgiving. If

Quarter Notes February 2024

And The Band Played On… The venerable 62-year old Preservation Hall has announced an expansion of its facilities to further support the 12-year old Preservation

Swingin’ Jazz in Chandler, AZ

The theme for this year’s Arizona Classic Jazz Society Festival was “Come, Swing with Me” and we certainly did! Held again at the San Marcos

Meanwhile, Back in the Quarter…

October is definitely the most beautiful month in New Orleans and after a mild hurricane season but extremely hot summer, it was welcomed by all!

EUREKA! From The Redwood Coast Music Festival!

The Redwood Coast Music Festival was an ecstatic experience, an overwhelming banquet of music and friendship. (If that seems hyperbolic, I can adopt Eddie Condon’s

The Many Talents of Frank C. Stanley

In the earliest days of the phonograph, many recording artists were forced to work extra jobs to make a living. None of the workers in

Birthday Blues

“Everything happens for the best” Does it really? In a continuation of last month’s theme of reality being how we perceive it, perhaps the better

Randi Cee

Reality is a Cruel Mistress

If I was a rich man, I would have a right proper mid life crisis. I suppose that is a very sexist idea that you

The Elusive Legacy of Bill Erickson 1929-1967

“Erickson, usually erroneously labelled a Dixieland jazzman, was in every way a comprehensive modern musician, performer and composer whose interests ranged from the blues to

San Francisco Jazz, Phase Two, 1940-66

WWII Jazz boom, The Fillmore, Oakland Blues, North Beach & Forbidden City Nightclubs San Francisco was the location for dynamic developments in popular entertainment: Traditional,

Ain’t No Wrong Notes in Jazz

It is easy to be impressed by jazz musicians… if you are not one yourself. We are, after all, an impressive bunch. And I know

Bad Moon Rising

Jazz musicians are a mischievous bunch. I doubt that’s a surprise to any of you, as the history books are filled with stories of pranks

The New Syllabus

There’s been a lot made in the news in recent times about systemic issues in our education system. As I understand it, there seems to

Ron Jennings: He Told Our Stories

Recently while working on the history of the 1974 Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival, I was distracted by an article an old friend had written, and

Chicago area reedman Ron Dewar has died.

Chicago area saxophonist/clarinetist Ron Dewar died on January 4th, he was 82. Dewar had a long association with the University of Illinois Jazz Band as

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