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Jim Maihack

The Versatility of Jim Maihack

On April 30, 2022, we mourned the loss of Jim Maihack—one of the best traditional jazz performers of recent times. Jim was also one of

From the 2022 Ascona Jazz Festival

Great music, good conversation, delicious food plus total relaxation awaited us for our 4th year at Ascona in Southern Switzerland. After the covid-induced hiatus, the

Pianist Red Camp

The Streets of Laredo

In the middle or late nineteen eighties I got a several weeks long engagement in Laredo, Texas, at the La Posada Inn. It is situated

The New York Classic Seven Make Swiss Time

It may have been the traditional jazz equivalent of a happy accident. The New Orleans jazz band Tuba Skinny couldn’t make its date for Switzerland’s

Texas Shout #22 Christmas Records

Set forth below is most of the twenty-second “Texas Shout” column. It first appeared in the October 1991 issue of the West Coast Rag, (now Syncopated


Texas Shout #69 Substitutes

Set forth below is the sixty-ninth “Texas Shout” column. It first appeared in the February 1996 issue of TAR. The text has not been updated.

From The 2022 Glenn Miller Festival

On the second weekend in June I attended for the first time the Glenn Miller Festival in Clarinda, Iowa, his birthplace, an event that has


Wingy Manone: Profiles in Jazz

Wingy Manone had an appealing image of a happy intuitive musician, a primitive who one day woke up and started playing the trumpet for the

Bing Crosby: Jazz Singer

In his career, Bing Crosby showed that he could sing practically everything other than opera. Whether it was classic American pop tunes, traditional Irish songs,

Profiles in Jazz: Charlie Barnet

When one thinks of the top swing era bandleaders, the names of Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, and Harry James

Portrait of vocalist Quiana Lynell - oil on canvas by Emilie Rhys.

Oh, What a Night!

It seems that during the annual hurricane season, New Orleans and the French Quarter delight in providing lots of distractions to benefit both local musicians,

Late Summer Events in New Orleans

From French Quarter Festivals and Offbeat Magazine: Satchmo SummerFest presented by Chevron returns for two full days of music, food and celebration! Every year we

Hot Jazz in the Hot (but Dry) Desert

Starting the summer back in Arizona, the May meeting of the Arizona Classic Jazz Society in Chandler, Arizona, featured Cheryl Thurston’s annual birthday party celebration

Rare Ragtime on Phonograph Records

Since the introduction of the phonograph, syncopated music was commonly recorded. But often while flipping through collections of classic ragtime sheet music, it seems odd

Len Spencer Goes on Tour

In 1899, recording artist Len Spencer decided to make a bold move: take his small group of phonograph friends on tour in a minstrel troupe.

New York City Trip Wrap-Up

Even with all the adventures I had in NYC, as described in the previous three articles, there are still a few things I have not

Hollywood Bowl Randi Cee

Sinatra, Lee, and . . . Eilish?

My one concert of 2022 was at The Hollywood Bowl and it was an evening to be remembered. A tribute to two icons of jazz:

What’s in a Name?

In general, artistic “titles” such as actor, dancer, painter, potter can have a set of preconceived notions or stereotypes that go along with them. I

The Real Billie Holiday, Part Three – 1950s

Billie Holiday (Eleanora Fagan, 1915-59) continued a busy schedule of recordings, concerts, radio broadcasts, television appearances and international tours in the 1950s. Publication of her

Jerry Lewis

As a musician, over the years, we occasionally have the opportunity to play with some giants or the industry. And about a decade ago, I

The Age We Live In

After many years touring in the US, playing traditional jazz festivals, cruises and what have you, there’s an unavoidable truth that we’ll have to address

Peter Lundberg playing at the Bucket of Blood Saloon, Virginia City NV. (courtesy Peter Lundberg)

Take Me to the Promised Gland

It is always a pleasure to receive comments from readers. This past month I was delighted to hear from an old friend in Sweden, Peter

Show Business Neighbors

When Joe Bebco forwarded an inquiry about Max Morath from Anne Phillips recently, I anxiously responded. Anne and her husband, bassist Bill Phillips, were neighbors

Iowa Bandleader Kenny Paulsen has died

Davenport Iowa based bandleader Kenneth R. “Kenny” Paulsen passed away on July 10th, he was 82. He had a career in law enforcement, working for

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