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Texas Shout Logo - Tex Wyndham's Texas ShoutTexas Shout was a wildly popular column which ran in our predecessor papers, The West Coast Rag, and The American Rag.

Beginning in 1989 Tex Wyndham distilled what he had learned in a lifetime of involvement in Dixieland and Ragtime into topical monthly columns filled with insight and advice for those who want to better understand the music. We believe his wisdom and predictions have held up over time and will fascinate our readers with insight into the recent past and worthy lessons for today.

We have posted all 75 columns in the order they originally ran, in some cases with additional notes from Tex that were added to a series of reprints that concluded in 2004.  

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Tex Wyndham

Tex Wyndham

Tex Wyndham is an authority on ragtime and early jazz. Between 1966-1997, he wrote more published reviews of ragtime, Dixieland jazz and related music than any other U.S.-based writer. He has authored columns and reviewed ragtime and classic jazz recordings for several publications including The American Rag, The Mississippi Rag, Coda, The Second Line, and Rag Times.

blankThe full run of “Texas Shout” has been collected into a lavishly illustrated trade paperback entitled Texas Shout: How Dixieland Jazz Works.  This book is available @ $20.00 plus $2.95 shipping from Tex Wyndham. On request, Tex will autograph the book and add a personalized note (be sure to tell him to whom the note should be addressed).

blankTex Wyndham’s 3 CD Guide to Dixieland with music and commentary is available for $20 plus $2.95 shipping. The separate CD, A History of Ragtime: Tex Wyndham Live At Santa Rosa, is available for $13.00 plus $2.00 shipping. On request, Tex will autograph the inner sleeve and add a personalized note (be sure to tell him to whom the note should be addressed).

Send payment to Tex Wyndham, P.O. Box 831, Mendenhall, PA 19357, Phone (610) 388-6330.

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