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Irving Berlin at the piano, circa 1906.

Impartial Eclipse

As I write this, it is five days since my second eye surgery. In the plus column, this is the first time in nearly fifty

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Ben Pollack drawing by Sara Lièvre

Ben Pollack

Ben Pollack was born June 22, 1903, in Chicago, Illinois. He took up the drums as a teenager, inspired by jazz emanating from Chicago nightclubs.

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Natural Gas Jazz Band

It Was A Gas! Final Column

Final Column This is my final column because all the appropriate material has now been published. Nearly 50 anecdotes were published in 13 different monthly

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Living to be 100

I never gave much thought to living to be 100 until I hit 90. Then I realized it was possible that I might live to

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Claus Jacobi

Claus Jacobi, a reedman, arranger, scholar of jazz history, and for the last decade the music director of Mike Durham’s Whitley Bay Classic Jazz Party

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Joel Schiavone

Joel Schiavone, founder of the Your Father’s Mustache chain of venues for banjo bands and traditional jazz, died on April 22nd, he was 87. Starting

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Michael Cuscuna

Michael Cuscuna, co-founder of Mosaic Records, passed away on April 20, 2024, he was 75. Already a jazz buff in childhood, by 14 he was

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Felicity Rag (1911)

The C section of the Joplin/Hayden collaboration Felicity Rag (1911)—Mozartian in its gracefulness and simplicity—is probably my favorite section of any Joplin rag. The rest

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The Army Years

Some two months after I arrived in the US, I became a guest of Uncle Sam for two years. On induction to the army after

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