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Guitarist Steven Hancoff

This month I continue to write about the premier 1974 Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in Sedalia, Missouri. Last month I featured Flint Long, piano contest

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Jim Radloff and grandson at the piano.

Digital Challenges

Musicians have to be a hardy lot, and here I’m not only talking about the full-timers—those who log in hundreds of thousands of miles and

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How to Kick Yourself Out

Just how ignorant do you have to be to get kicked out of a club you started? That’s a rhetorical question which was nonetheless answered

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Ethel Waters

Ethel Waters was born on October 31, 1896, in Chester, Pennsylvania. She sang in church choirs as a child, won local talent contests, and performed

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Jazz Jottings October 2023

Stephanie Trick has found that painting has given her a release from the “high” of performing, and the results have been most impressive. This paint-on-the-go

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School of Ragtime

I have never understood why Scott Joplin’s instructional  (1908) is conspicuously absent from most “complete” recorded anthologies of the composer’s piano music. School of Ragtime is an apt

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View From the Bandstand

Over the years from the bandstand I have witnessed some rather strange scenes on the dance floor. At our weekly residency at a pizza parlor,

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Calling all Jazz Clubs

Come to jazz class! The Potomac River Jazz Club (PRJC) of the Washington DC area has issued a call to all other clubs and societies

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