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From The 30th Annual Arizona Classic Jazz Festival

Finding the Way Forward

After eight long months of cancellations and dark venues, there is at last a glimmer of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. With

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Bean Soup Odidrep

Bean Soup • Odidrep

Bean Soup is a quintet comprised of tenor-saxophonist Michel Bescont, trumpeter Michel Bonnet, pianist Jacques Schneck, bassist Leigh Barker, and drummer Stephane Roger. On Odidrep

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Reflections in the Key of F

Reflections in the Key of F

I realize that most readers turn to this column with the expectation of somewhat light-hearted commentary, so I am reluctant to unpack this month’s stock

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Steve Yocum

Remembering Steve Yocum

There are many, including myself, who are mourning the loss of one the most colorful and exuberant characters of traditional jazz. Steve Yocum, quite effectively,

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Arnt Arntzen

The Saga of Arnt Arntzen

Thirty-three year-old guitarist/banjoist Arnt Arntzen, younger brother of reedman Evan Arntzen, has quickly established his own presence in New York. Evan was featured in this

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Doc Cheatham

Remembering Doc Cheatham

Back in 1988 while building the lineup for the Elkhart Jazz Festival, I took a look at Doc Cheatham as an all-star participant; however, when

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Hagers orchestra caricature(1902)

The Beaux of Bronx Park

In the 1890s and 1900s, military bands were all the rage. From Gilmore’s band to your village community band, they were loved by everyone. One

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