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Randi Cee’s column doesn’t need a funny name.

Home-Despot Santa

Give a gig this Christmas

This year I saw a covert “holiday” laced commercial in August. The commercial might have been about hemorrhoid cream. I really don’t remember. I do

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Everybody Comes to Curley’s!

David Boeddinghaus, Banu Gibson, Tim Laughlin, Chloe Feoranzo, The entire Baker/Clancy family, Ralf and John Reynolds, Bob Ringwald, Dawn Lambeth, Chet Jaeger, and Pieter Meijers

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Trial by Jury WS GIlbert


I recently observed that, in your youth, you know you have a dear friend if they help you move. At my age, if they show

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Randis Managers House crop e1543531707968 768x455 - The Fire This Time

The Fire This Time

When I was in Cornwall, visiting what I like to call my cousins once removed by friendship (my best friend’s cousins), I missed my plane

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Aretha Franklin on January 20 2009 768x739 - Respecting Aretha

Respecting Aretha

Our Lady Jerry Wexler dubbed her “Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows”: the depth of her sound and ability to connect us to something primal owes

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Womens Jazz Workshop LA

My Mother Tried

My mother tried. I got piano lessons as a child. I just didn’t “get it.” The woman she hired was a crummy bored piano teacher

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Randi Cee

Anatomy of a House Concert

My brain delights in unraveling when it should be sleeping. Rarely are these sessions productive. Occasionally, the brain spin cycle leads to an epiphany. No

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Holly and Tip

Bump in the Road

To say the Road of Life is bumpy might be the understatement of the year. For me personally, the last two years have been like

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Randi Cee Christmas

Oy, Humbug!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year With the kids jingle belling And everyone telling you be of good cheer It’s the most wonderful

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20170815 004233 768x440 - Bowled Over

Bowled Over

The Scope of Jazz I have a very tiny, very beautiful pony hair purse. Too small to be of any use, it hangs on a

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Randi Cee and the Speakeasys bw 768x483 - A Woman Leads the Band

A Woman Leads the Band

Titles are difficult. For years, I floated through life undercutting any achievements while expertly conducting the negative cacophony that played in my head. Women are

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randi flipped 768x402 - No More Challenges!

No More Challenges!

It’s been a challenging year. Look I’m not going to bore you with the details of that. It’s bad copy and no one likes a

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Trashy Diva e1544450296540 768x420 - New Orleans on Impulse

New Orleans on Impulse

The trip to New Orleans shouldn’t have happened. I had no business traveling anywhere. My checking account is on life support. I was sitting on

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980x - Costco Run

Costco Run

They were sold out of Ahi tuna at Costco. I didn’t realize that just like deep-sea fishing you have to start out very early or

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hook - Hooked!


As I sit at my computer in the wee hours, because I am all about the wee hours, I realize that this issue of The

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Roaring 20s Street Jam 2017 e1488614275938 - The Swing's The Thing

The Swing’s The Thing

Much has been said amongst band leaders about playing for dancers, and swing dancing itself has been the entry point for quite a few band

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Joshua Tree - Road Trippin'

Road Trippin’

In these parts any drive under three hours is more commute than road trip; in fact Los Angeles just “won” worst traffic in the country…again.

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309a776e2c8065ba910be4e13d49b4c2 768x403 - Bus - Cab - BOOM!

Bus – Cab – BOOM!

My childlike adoration of fireworks is extreme. If you don’t at least like them you probably should be shipped off to the island where I’ve

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