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Kris Tokarski is a specialist in early jazz and ragtime piano styles based in New Orleans. He plays with Hal Smith‘s On the Levee Jazz Band, The Riverside Jazz Collective and other groups. Read our profile.

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Hal Smith – Drums/Leader
Clint Baker – Trombone
Ben Polcer – Trumpet
Joe Goldberg – Clarinet
Kris Tokarski – Piano
Alex Belhaj – Guitar
Joshua Gouzy – String Bass

CD available at Louisiana Music Factory

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Track List
Stomp Off, Let’s Go!
It Belongs to You
Just Gone
Here Comes the Hot Tamale Man
Wabash Blues
Ready for the River
Riverside Blues
Don’t Leave Me in the Ice and Snow
Swipesy Cakewalk
Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me
One Sweet Letter From You
See See Rider
Melancholy Blues
Society Blues
Whenever You’re Lonesome

Benny Amon – drums
Alex Belhaj – guitar, vocals
Kris Tokarski – piano
Tyler Thomson, Andy Reid – string bass
Ben Polcer – trumpet
Alex Owen – cornet
Charlie Halloran – trombone
Chloe Feoranzo – clarinet, vocals

Kris Tokarski classic-rags
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Kris Tokarski
Classic Rags New Orleans Style

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Kris Tokarski (p)
Cassidy Holden (b)
Hal Smith (d) 2016

Pastime Rag #3
Heliotrope Bouquet
Peacherine Rag
Elite Syncopations
Ragtime Nightingale
Grace And Beauty
Please Say You Will
Sunflower Slow Drag
Magnetic Rag
The Easy Winners
Cataract Rag
St. Louis Rag

CD available at Louisiana Music Factory or Direct From Artist

Kris Tokarski, Hal Smith & Joshua Gouzy – Ragtime New Orleans Style, Vol. 2

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Track List
Frog Legs Rag
Hilarity Rag
The Chrysanthemum
Bowery Buck
The Watermelon Trust
Dusty Rag
Weeping Willow
Pineapple Rag
St. Louis Tickle
Black & White Rag
Patricia Rag
Pastime Rag No. 1
The Cascades
Buffalo Rag
Roller Skaters Rag

Kris Tokarski Drop me off in Harlem
CD from Louisiana Music Factory or Direct From Artist

Drop Me Off in Harlem
(Trio, Duo, Solo)
Track List
Love Will Find a Way
Carolina Shout
April in My Heart
Drop Me Off in Harlem
If Dreams Come True
Please Be Kind
All By Myself
Shanghai Lil
Prisoner of Love
Sweet Lorraine
What’s New

Kris Tokarski – Piano
Evan Christoper – Clarinet
Benji Bohannon – Drums
James Evans – Clarinet
James Partridge – Tenor Sax

Tokarski/Schumm/Smith – Hot Classicism

Tokarski Schumm Smith Hot Classicism
CD from Louisiana Music Factory or Direct From Artist

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Track List
Frog-I-More Rag
Nobody’s Sweetheart Now
Her Comes The Hot Tamale Man
The Chant
Parkway Stomp
She’s Funny That Way
Mister Joe
My Gal Sal
Stratford Hunch
Congo Love Song
Riverboat Shuffle
Stomp Off, Let’s Go
Kris Tokarski – Piano
Andy Schumm – Cornet & Clarinet
Hal Smith – Drums

CD available at Louisiana Music Factory

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Track List
Oh You Beautiful Doll
Old Fashioned Love
My Gas Sal
Pretty Baby
Someday, Sweetheart
Sweet Bye & Bye
One Sweet Letter From You
Noon Blues
You Are My Sunshine
Melancholy Blues
In the Shade Of the Old Apple Tree
Mama’s Gone Goodbye
Poor Butterfly
How Come You Do Me Like You Do

Twerk Thomson – bass
Ben Polcer – trumpet
Kris Tokarski -piano
John Rodli – guitar, vocals
James Evans – saxophone, clarinet
Charlie Halloran – trombone
Russel Welch – guitar
Alex Owen – trumpet
Bruce Brackmon – clarinet
Marty Peters – saxophone
Marla Dixon – trumpet, vocals

CD only from Louisiana Music Factory or direct from artist.

Tim Laughlin – New Standards

Track List
Livin’ the Dream
A Royal St. Serenade
Waiting for the Sun to Go Down
Gert Town Blues
Dream Room
Happy Again
Old Friend
For Pete’s Sake
NOLA Pot-Hola

Tim Laughlin – clarinet
Duke Heitger – trumpet
Charlie Halloran – trombone
Kris Tokarski, Steve Pistorius – piano
Nahum Zdybel – guitar
Jim Singleton – bass
Hal Smith – drums

Linnzi Zaorski
CD from Louisiana Music Factory

Linnzi Zaorski – Greet The Dawn

Track List
How I’d Love To Take Order From You
Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
Dirt Dishin’ Daisy
Livin’ In A Great Big Way
Without Your Love
When That Man Is Dead And Gone
Tears In My HEart
Goodnight My Love
You Let Me Down
When Day Is Done
Thanks For The Memories

Linnzi Zaorski – Vocals
Davy Mooney – Guitar
Noby Ozaki – Bass
Kris Tokarski – Piano
Matt Rhody – Violin
Charlie Fardella – Trumpet
Greg Agid – Clarinet
Bruce Brackman – Clarinet
David Boswell – Trumpet
Charlie Halloran – Trombone
Jon Gross – Tuba
Washboard Chaz Leary – Washboard

CD from Louisiana Music Factory

Cristina Perez – The Sweetest Thing

Track List
Fool In Love
Just You And Me
The Simplest Things
The Sweetest Thing
Deep Dark Ocean
Breaking Point
I Could Love You

Cristina Perez – Vocals and Guitar
Gregory Agid – Clarinet
Joshua Gouzy – Bass
Joshua Starkman – Guitar
Kris Tokarski – Piano
Darrian Douglas – Drums
Alex J. Hall

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