David Thomas Roberts- New artistry in Ragtime

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David Thomas Roberts has composed over 150 new ragtime pieces in a professional career spanning 40 years. He has become one of the most eminent composers working, not only in ragtime, but in reviving 19th century compositional forms in what he calls a neo-Romantic style.He is best known for his “Roberto Clemente” which has become a ragtime standard. Here played by another star of new ragtime Scott Kirby.

His compositions are hauntingly romantic and have a timeless, eternally fresh quality.

And he continues to create beautiful work. This piece was released only this spring as a tribute to a very ragtime freindly home in Sutter Creek, CA.

Last week he announced that he was debuting a new composition, Nocturne No. 2, at a concert which took place May 11th. Video should be available soon and we’ll post it here.

Later this year we will be publishing a full profile of  David Thomas Roberts in our print edition including original insights into his recent and forthcoming work which reside where this paper’s focus and classical music intersect.

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