Flip Oaks “I’m Alive!”

To all of my dear friends and family who have asked about my adventure and me, in layman’s terms, this is as best I can recall: It started out on Sept. 8, 2016 at 7:00 a.m. I entered the Tri-City Medical Center aka Tri-City Hospital and got prepped for an Atrial fibrillation procedure. This is where they would go into and up through the groin enter the heart with a wire, go through a thin wall and then freeze the part of the heart that sets off the Atrial fibrillation fast rapid uneven heart beat. This is an electrical procedure for the heart. Afterwards the wire is pulled back through and it closes itself. It’s a one day procedure, that could be in and out the same day, with absolutely no pain, and no down time. What happened was, after entering my heart, there is the wall the wire needs to go through, however my septrum was stronger and thicker, and the wire shot down and entered the lower right ventricle and made a tear in my heart. So I started bleeding out at a very high rate, they called code blue, and rushed me to a different operating room. During this mad wild ride through the hallways they had two people compressing my heart to keep me alive. They opened my chest and was told took hands full of blood to see what the problem was. They by passed my heart so they could see what needed to be repaired and put in two tubes for drainage. They sewed up the tear and wired m
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Veteran jazz musician Flip Oakes plays trumpet with the Titan Hot Seven (and many other groups) and is the designer of the Flip Oakes “Wild Thing” line of brass instruments. Visit him online at www.flipoakes.com; you may send him an email at [email protected]

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