Jerzy Milian, 82

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JERZY STANISLAW MILIAN, 82, March 7 in Poland. After graduating from the State high School of Music at 16 he was taught at the East Berlin Conservatory by Wolfram Heicking and Boguslaw Schaeffer. He created a quintet in the early 50’s and after developing an acquaintance with Krzysztof Komeda transitioned from piano to play vibraphone in his sextet. This was the instrument on which he would develop his mature style. As the 60’s dawned he joined the quintet of Jan Ptaszyn.

He wrote arrangements for cabaret, small groups and big bands as well as a ballet and symphonic works. He served as artistic director of the Orchestra of Polish Radio and Television Services, lectured at the Poznan Academy of Music, and participated in many jazz festivals. Because of these engagements he became a ubiquitous figure in Polish Jazz during the 60’s and 70’s. After falling into obscurity for some time recent years have seen a revival of interest in his work among the Polish young. He has released seven albums since 2009, several of them on vinyl for the collectors market, and his early work is regularly sampled by electronic musicians.

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