Larisa Migachyov’s Hot Chocolate Rag (2008)

Larissa Migachyov

I love the music of Larisa Migachyov! Her pieces are simple, direct, and pleasant. The picturesque, Lamb-influenced Hot Chocolate Rag (2008) is the perfect five minute diversion for a chilly winter’s day. The rag’s traditional ABACD structure is consistent with her style, as is the rag’s strong, decisive final section (a Joplinesque trait shared by Sauerkraut Sorbet, Arugula Leaf Rag, and Danny’s Rag No. Pi). The minor-key C section of Hot Chocolate Rag contrasts rhythmically with the rest of the piece.

The composer’s whimsically titled sheet music folios—The Incomplete Works of Larisa Migachyov—are available at The album A Dream Come True, which includes a flute and piano performance of Hot Chocolate Rag by Ivory & Gold, is available on Amazon Music and iTunes.

Hot Jazz Jubile

Brandon Byrne is a ragtime composer, performer, and scholar. Max Morath said of Byrne, “Brandon’s unique compositions display unparalleled gifts and hidden virtuosity. His music reflects the past and challenges the future. His playing will touch your soul.” For a full list of his compositions, please visit his website.

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