Letters to the Editor: December 2018

To the Editor:
In “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” (TST, November 2018), I used Marv Jenkins, Dinah Washington’s tenor sax man, to point out how black musicians had all kinds of barriers. I left out one that was particularly ugly but a very common practice in the mid-’50s. Marv worked a small group gig one night, and when it concluded the band stopped to pick up a carry-out at an Italian restaurant. Marv and the singer waited outside, for obvious reasons. The police came to the car, pulled Marv out and beat him, cuffed him, and took him to jail. They then took the singer to her home to tell her parents of her “evil deed.” He was badly treated in jail but the next day our band director managed to get him released. We were all saddened and angry. Marv passed a few years ago. Those of us who knew him remember his great playing and a big smile. I trust that sort of thing doesn’t occur anymore, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Van D. Young
Syracuse, IN

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My belief is that all such evil—and it is evil—may be ascribed to a failure of empathy. – Ed.

– Canadian Mail Woes –

To the Editor:
Just a quick note to let you know we are going to hold off our subscription renewal in December.
As you may have probably heard, our Postal Union has had rotating walkouts at most mail distribution centres which will probably lead to a full strike shortly. The backlog is apparently quite significant, with other countries being advised not to forward mail to Canada.
We are mailing this letter out of Bellingham, Washington, and you’ll probably get it before we get our November issue.
Best wishes for the upcoming festive season.

Bill and Donna Austin
Abbotsford, British Columbia

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I am truly sorry that you’re not receiving your paper in a timely manner. With the increasing difficulty of getting mail to Canada, I’m amazed that the USPS hasn’t yet adopted my International First Class stamp design. – Ed.

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