Letters to the Editor March 2016

Jim Jones writes, “What a delightful, fulfilling and much-needed surprise! As the heady swirl of newness gives way to the long-term realities of your life as editor and publisher of The Syncopated Times, may you always be carried along on the good wishes and support of the ranks of us true supporters of America’s musical heritage. I’ll be there, front and center, and hope to contribute occasional articles as in the past.

“Lew Shaw, Russ Tarby and Dr. Norm Vickers are as good as it gets at having knowledgeable, articulate teammates in your campaign to reward the dedication we seniors bestow on Our Music while reaching out to awaken the syncopated joys lying undiscovered by oncoming generations. If Issue Number One is an example, you all will succeed brilliantly.


“The fulfillment I get from playing, collecting and sharing early jazz, hot dance and swing music now has a true voice. It’s called The Syncopated Times.”

Rick Campbell writes, “Andy, I must congratulate you on the February issue of The Syncopated Times, just arrived. As a graphic designer, I’m delighted that you’ve upgraded the print quality. As a musician who has played all types of popular music, I would like to encourage you in your effort to cast a wider net. All of us in the traditional jazz societies are going through the same discussions: how to reach younger dancers and younger listeners. And, how to reach a broader general public as well. Certainly, you’ve hit on a key aspect of ragtime, jazz, and swing: live performances of skilled musicians. The contemporary pop music trend to synthesizers, sampling, electronic grooves, and heavy sound effects seems to drain the humanity out of the music to me. I’m looking forward to the next issue.”

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