Letters to The Editor May 2018

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19th Century International Mail (from the collectors site https://alphabetilately.org/)

– International Mail Woes –

To the Editor:
Thanks very much for the January and February issues of the Times that you forwarded to me. I have enclosed a US Dollar band draft to hopefully offset some your costs.
When I first wrote to you in February I hadn’t received the January issue. In late February I did receive the February issue. I got the January issue the first week of March and thought that was in response to my letter to you in February/

I then received the March issue later this month and then, on March 28, the two issues I had asked you for. My wife and I have noticed that mail from our friends in the US is taking 20 to 28 days to get here. Your note included with the two issues was dated February 21 and we got them on March 28.
I should have waited a bit longer. I apologize for the extra work involved.

Bill Austin
Abbotsford, British Columbia

Thank you for the reimbursement. There is no need to apologize, though. I’m chagrined that The Syncopated Times is not arriving in anything like a timely manner. I wouldn’t normally recommend the PDF edition (though some readers say they prefer it) but I am really not happy with the international mail situation. I’ll say this: any Canadian or overseas print subscriber who would like the PDF in addition to the physical paper may have it with my compliments. All they need do is send me an email, and they’ll get the monthly download link. For those who have no computer or email, all I can offer is my own apology. -Ed.

– This Is What We Do –

To the Editor:
The enclosed check for $100 should be allocated – $55 for a two year renewal of my subscription and $45 for the tip jar.
Because of the great work you and your staff are doing publishing The Syncopated Times, my wife and I have researched, attended, and enjoyed the West Texas Jazz Party and the Colorado Springs Jazz Party in 2016. We have also done the Evergreen Jazz Festival and the Arizona Classic Jazz Festival in 2017. So far in 2018 we attended the North Carolina Jazz Party in February and have plans for the Jeff and Joel’s House Party in Branford, CT this October.

If you and your staff can keep up the fine work we will do our best to support the events and performers with our patronage.

Dave and Mary Hall
Dallas, Texas

I can’t thank you enough for your kind testimonial (and subscription renewal with gift), but I am even more grateful that you attend the festivals we advertise and list in the Roundup. We’re here to promote good music and to ensure that it continues to play in live performance. When readers say they enjoy going to the events because they saw them mentioned in TST, I’m convinced the paper is making a positive difference. -Ed.

– What Coastal Bias? –

To the Editor:
We stopped getting The Syncopated Times because we felt you were more focused on the East Coast. We were in Eureka, California, this past weekend and it was fun to come home and read about favorite artists we enjoyed—so we’re reupping!

Virginia Guengerich
Medford, Oregon

Rumors of Coastal Bias persist, but are dispelled when one actually opens the paper. Thank you for giving us another chance! – Ed.

– On the Air –

To the Editor:
Thank you for keeping up the great work! We’ve been able to convert many of our program hosts here at the station (WMKV-FM) and now I hear them mentioning The Syncopated Times during their shows!

Mark Magistrelli
Ft. Wright, Kentucky

The thanks are all mine! The main thing is, it’s wonderful you have a radio station that is open to the music we report on at TST. That’s something that should be celebrated! -Ed.

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