Mid century vocalist Vic Damone dies at 89

Vic_Damone_1959VIC DAMONE, 89, on Feb. 11, of respiratory illness at Miami Beach hospital. One of a number of prominent Italian American singers who dominated the postwar period he idolized Frank Sinatra and honed his craft, he said, by “singing his words, breathing his breaths, [doing] his interpretations, with the high notes, the synergy.” He had a straightforward delivery without any need for gimmicks.

His professional career began when he tied for first place on radio’s Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts. He had hit singles with “On the Street Where You Live,” “Again,” “You’re Breaking my Heart,” and “An Affair to Remember.”

Red Wood Coast

He continued to perform into his 70s before retiring to Palm Beach with his fifth wife. In his memoir, Singing Was the Easy Part, he notes that he was less of a showman than many of his contemporaries, “That wasn’t my particular gift,” he wrote, “my gift was singing.”

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