Off the Beaten Tracks February 2024

Bryan Wright’s Rivermont Records is celebrating 20 years in 2024. In that time they have become the preeminent outlet for ragtime and 1920s hot dance recordings. While they have uncovered, remastered, and released impressive collections of historical recordings, all accompanied by thorough and informative notes, I am most interested in their unique place in the ecosystem among the serious artists recording in these styles today. While creating music that is fun and enjoyable the artists featured tend to plan a little harder for a session on Rivermont, thinking carefully through their influences track to track and chorus to chorus. The result is albums that can be studied and enjoyed by a fellow musician, the most academically-minded fan, or the casual fan who simply wants to hear the best.

I’m focusing on recent releases from living artists on Rivermont Records this month and next so that you can focus on filling your cart high when you get to their website. Buying physical albums remains one of the top ways to support the scene.

Joe Bebco is the Associate Editor of The Syncopated Times and Webmaster of

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