On Looking into Waring’s Pennsylvanians (Poem)

On Looking into Waring's Pennsylvanians (Poem)Oh, Waring–
Where is the Glee in thy Club?
Whither the simple delight of thy old Victors,
Spun and radiated at seventy-eight revolutions?

Yes, we were Collegiate–
Well, you know College Boys;
Degree in hand,
It is time to start punching that cash register
Like a Swiss Bell Ringer.


Whence the glory of Glorianna,
Glowing with the heat of a thousand suns?
Keep away from that implosion
When well-shav’d youth
Chant hypnotically of Amber Waves of Grain.

I would macerate that grain for ferment
That it may be decanted into
That Stein Upon the Table–
A beer to weep into
To mourn lost ‘Twenties joy–
Alas and shellac.[ad_dropper zone_id=”1100″][ad_dropper zone_id=”914″][ad_dropper zone_id=”1088″][ad_dropper zone_id=”1126″]

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