Peter Bergin • Ragtime Collage

Peter Bergin • Ragtime CollageWhen Peter sent his latest CD, I was intrigued that he had been working with Jeff Barnhart. Jeff’s novelty ragtime is as unique and wonderfully quirky as Jeff himself, so I listened to hear if Peter has been Barnharted. The CD is a nice “Collage” of ragtime from Classic Artie Matthews’ “Pastime Rag No. 4” (a favorite of mine) to George Botsford’s “Black and White Rag,” with Joplin, Lamb, and Scott rags in between giving the album a Classic tilt. I enjoy Peter’s interpretations and this album is definitely his, but I did occasionally close my eyes and see a white bearded, rosy cheeked, raspy voiced, semi-young fellow grinning at me as he played. The sheer joy generated by these two fellows working together had to have been radiant.

Ragtime Collage
Peter Bergin
2021 Bergin Music Company

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Larry Melton was a founder of the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in 1974 and the Sedalia Ragtime Archive in 1976. He was a Sedalia Chamber of Commerce manager before moving on to Union, Missouri where he is currently helping to conserve the Ragtime collection of the Sedalia Heritage Foundation. Write him at [email protected].

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