Polish jazzman Antoni Krupa has died

Antoni Krupa (March 23rd, 1945 – March 17th, 2024) The Polish guitarist/banjoist and harmonica player was a member of the Jazz Band Ball Orchestra and Little Egoists, worked with Pawel Dalach and Krzysztof Wierzchoń, produced albums for Zbigniew Seifert, Janusz Muniak, Beale Street Band and Adam Kawończyk, was a fixture on Radio Kraków and published a history of Kraków jazz. Krupa died March 17th at 78.

Andrey Henkin is a writer based in Queens, whose work has appeared in StereophileWeJazzThe New York City Jazz RecordCODASignal to NoiseJazz.RU and accompanying numerous albums. He maintains the jazz obituary website JazzPassings.com.

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