Russian jazz writer Vladimir Feiertag has died

Vladimir Feiertag (December 27th, 1931 – March 28th, 2024) The Russian jazz writer started out as a pianist, co-authored the first monograph about jazz in Russian in 1960 and later numerous books and articles on the subject (both international and indigenous) as well as liner notes for nearly three dozen Melodiya releases, organized concerts and festivals throughout the Soviet Union and then the Russian Federation and hosted several jazz radio programs (for which he won the 1998 Willis Conover Award). Feiertag died March 28th at 92.

Andrey Henkin is a writer based in Queens, whose work has appeared in StereophileWeJazzThe New York City Jazz RecordCODASignal to NoiseJazz.RU and accompanying numerous albums. He maintains the jazz obituary website

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