Sandra Jaffe has died

The Wikipedia entry for Sandra Jaffe reads, in full, “Sandra Jaffe (March 10, 1938 – December 27, 2021) was an American club owner. She founded Preservation Hall with her husband Allan Jaffe.” Her husband, who passed away in 1987, has the more complete entry. It tells the familiar tale of the early Hall; how the Jaffe’s developed jam sessions featuring the cities remaining first generation jazz musicians, held at an art gallery on St. Peter St., into one of the most well known music venues in the world.

And it was both Sandra and Allan Jaffee working together as partners. While Allan played with the band and used his business ties to grow the organization, Sandra was heavily involved in the day to day booking and book keeping that made it all work. After her husband died at just 51 years old she took over management and continued to play an important role at the club even after transitioning proprietorship roles to their son Ben Jaffe. When musicians returned to Preservation Hall to perform after recent lockdowns lifted in New Orleans, Sandra Jaffee was standing at the door to welcome them back.

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