The View From the Children’s Table

I have been allowed to live on this planet (by virtue of not being worth the energy to throttle) for fifty-three years. It's a lovely age. I wouldn't call fifty-three the New Thirty but it's considerably better than I anticipated. The most delightful aspect is that I am able to enjoy robust health while saying (with all fervent sincerity), “I'm too old for this [supposedly fun activity]!” (Said activity could be any vigorous movement whatsoever, particularly that which might require one to sign a waiver.) What I find mildly—ah, disconcerting—is when I attend performances of Traditional Jazz. There I am usually the youngest person in the room. Sometimes it's as if all eyes turn toward me with a single thought: That pesky kid is back trying to horn in on Our Music. Suddenly I am that thirteen year old punk again, being thrown out of the Bonanza Steak House for not having a parent with me. As pages fall off the calendar in cinematic fashion (and the hair off my head, likewise) I can never quite dispel that feeling of sneaking into where the grownups are in with my clumsily-faked ID. As an unwilling member of the Lousiest Generation, I have always craved entertainment that was too old for me. Because I did not appreciate the dubious charm of musically-induced tinnitus I was ridiculed by my contemporaries. But I felt a certain suspicion of my motives when I appeared (suitably
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