Try This on Your Piano

Dean Norman contributes a Christmas song he composed with the late Sister Jean Huling several years ago. He writes:

“A few years ago, about 2005, Jean Huling and I collaborated on composing a song to enter a contest. We didn’t win. Last year it was printed in the Earlyjas Rag, but I don’t know if any bands played it. If you would like to print it in The Syncopated Times, perhaps some jazz band would like to play it during the Christmas season. I was hoping to get Gene Autry to record “Santa Is on His Way,” but he hasn’t done so yet.”

Hot Jazz Jubile

Take it for a spin on your spinet, and let us know what you think.Try This on Your Piano

Dean Norman is a contributor to the Earlyjas Rag in Ohio. His writing and artwork has frequently appeared in The Syncopated Times.

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