Vintage Dutch Swing College Band Vol. 2

Dutch Swing College BandThe Dutch Swing College Band, which was founded by Peter Schilperoort in 1945, is still in existence, having recorded as recently as 2015. The versatile Schilperoort, who played whatever instrument was needed (including clarinet, tenor, baritone, cornet, and guitar), kept the band busy up until his death in 1990 with a repertoire of Dixieland and 1920s standards, some obscurities, and occasional standards. Vol. 2 1950-52 documents the group’s studio sessions from that period.

The octet of 1950-52 featured trumpeter Kees van Dorsser, trombonist Wim Kolstee, and clarinetist Dim Kesber in the frontline along with Schilperoort who helped out on clarinet, baritone, cornet, and even drums on one song. A special treat is hearing the great soprano-saxophonist Sidney Bechet as a guest with the group on “Dutch Swing College Blues” (which Bechet wrote) and “King Porter Stomp.” Otherwise such songs as “Fidgety Feet,” “High Society,” “Original Dixieland One-Step,” and “Them There Eyes” are among the many hot selections that are uplifted by this enjoyable band on this fine release.


Vintage Dutch Swing College Band Vol. 2 (Lake LACD 251, 26 selections, TT = 79:09)

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