Sailing by the Seat of One’s Pants

Owing to an interrupted internet connection this past week, I was almost certain that I would have to complete this issue without the crutches of Google and Wikipedia. In fact, I was entirely prepared to do so. I’m well stocked with offline reference materials, printed on dead trees. For the thumbnail bio of Red Norvo to accompany Gary Price’s excellent drawing, I remembered that the Time-Life Giants of Jazz set had a comprehensive and authoritative biography of Norvo. I re-read it for the first time in over 30 years, and gleaned material from it that was unavailable on Wikipedia or probably anywhere else online. I was sorely disadvantaged by the lacuna in web service, only because I made the grievous error of trusting in the customer service department of my internet provider not to thoroughly gaslight me. I suspected there might be local problems, but the customer service gal (speaking to me from half a world away) said that my internet was just fine. I then said that I might need a new modem, because that had fixed similar problems before. It took me two hours to convince my interlocutor that I was indeed experiencing problems. Having been promised a modem (finally) I went to the store and bought one so that I could get right to work. That new modem did not work, since the problem was in the local service. Having been thus deprived of a whole day in which I could have bee
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