Fud Livingston

In Walked Fud

“[Fud Livingston’s] final decade was a difficult one, and a pernicious addiction to alcohol ultimately took him out ahead of schedule. Until shortly before his

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Louis Armstrong Peter Davis


In the spring of 1973, one could not turn on a radio without the voices of Tony Orlando and Dawn emerging from it, singing “Tie

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Mississippi Rag magazine covers

A Note of Thanks

Note: Since this was written we have obviously launched an online edition, you’re reading it… we still think you should get yourself a physical copy,

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The Bubble of Music

In looking back to The Syncopated Times of December 2016, it unfavorably impressed a few readers when I assumed and seemed (to them) to luxuriate

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New Yorker Art Deco Keyboard by Datamancer 4 768x446 - Keys and Buttons

Keys and Buttons

I probably don’t state this often enough, but I am most happy when a subscriber, having finished reading an issue of The Syncopated Times, passes

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Glen Gray Casa Loma Orchestra 768x439 - My Father and Casa Loma

My Father and Casa Loma

I was probably the only kid in my grade school who knew about Glen Gray. That precocious enlightenment came about because my father returned one

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correcting 1870721 1200x800 768x512 - Everybody Must Get Pruned

Everybody Must Get Pruned

On being an Editor It must be a form of cosmic retribution—or what the ill-informed call “karma”—or what the sage denizens of my neighborhood mean

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clutter 768x512 - Among My Auctioneers

Among My Auctioneers

Among My Auctioneers eBay once sold me such glories— I placed my bids without care; My house has only three stories And I need to

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No Pot of Gold: Whitesboro St. in Utica NY on St. Paddy's Day.

Can You Dig It?

April Fool’s Day came early this year for some of us in the Northeast when every indication of an early Spring was muffled under what

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hqdefault 1 - I’m Sorry for Our Loss

I’m Sorry for Our Loss

One of the little-noted casualties of the Social Media revolution is our fluency in composing a simple and heartfelt message of condolence. The Victorians were

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Coat Show (Poem)

Our national discourse has improved considerably Since Barney was elected President. Who else would kids of all ages love and trust Having been spurned and

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moser brothers yodel

A Spin of the Dial

I found it on the AM dial. A Hollywood cowboy mimicking the distinctive Alpine sound of the Moser Brothers, a wildly popular touring group of

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egg - Fried!


I have received many kind compliments since launching The Syncopated Times in February. One deeply gratifying recurring note of praise is that readers have declared

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Probation (Poem)

I no longer write poetry Because I was caught satirizing under the influence And my poetic license was revoked. This was a year ago, and

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RADIOLA 1920s and 1930s clean radiola365

This is what I do now.

One evening, when I was working away on the present issue, the phone rang. When I am struggling against time and gravity, I’m inclined to

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Vice Squad (Poem)

The joy in my moderation is so intense That I can hardly keep from smiling. I have succeeded in defeating temptation By boring it to

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Marks by Jim Leftwich from Lost & Found Times #39 (1997)

Coot (Poem)

I won’t eat in a restaurant. They make me nervous. I eat a lot of spam and tomato soup. I roast weenies on a fork

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images - Late Afternoon Sonnet

Late Afternoon Sonnet

The pull of gravitation gets me down And holds me as I struggle to ascend; I grapple, its embrace thus to disown, Though certain of

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dicta logo - Dicta By Request

Dicta By Request

What goes around comes around—usually on Thursday. Every advance in technology is just a new way for people to talk dirty to each other. Some

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phone man fb - Why Must We Always Communicate?

Why Must We Always Communicate?

The soul selects her own society,/Then shuts the door;/On her divine majority/Obtrude no more. –Emily Dickinson Today, of course, anyone reflective enough to read the

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Andy Senior Publisher

Publisher’s Coda

Putting together the paper you hold in your hand was no doubt the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life. Added to that, it

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Dog Radio Pipe 768x588 - Whatever Became of Nostalgia?

Whatever Became of Nostalgia?

As I rocket headlong through my fifties—fifty being an age when one supposedly begins to get all misty-eyed over the lyrics of “September Song”—I find

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