Andy Senior

Andy Senior is the Publisher of The Syncopated Times and on occasion he still gets out a Radiola! podcast for our listening pleasure.

Zez Confrey by Joe Busam

Zez Confrey

Edward Elzear “Zez” Confrey was born in Peru, Illinois, on April 3, 1895. Zez grew up in a musical household in which his older brother,

Dave Bennet finale

The Festival Roundup April 2020

Festivals cancelled (due to the COVID-19 outbreak) as noted. More cancellations may be forthcoming; please check on their status before you travel. Confirmed Cancellations: FRENCH

Noel Rockmore Presevation Hall

Letters to the Editor April 2020

To the Editor: Enjoyed the March issue of Syncopated Times (as usual). Just want to point out a misidentification in New Orleans Music Observed: The

Theater closure notice 768x614 - Stuck Home Stomp

Stuck Home Stomp

There is no point in attempting my usual meandering approach to the topic that preoccupies all of us at the moment. Just as unnecessary travel


Confessions of a Fauxstalgia Bro

I wasn’t going to write the column I’m about to write. It’s going to cause me more of the trouble I’ve lately been experiencing, but

Don Vappie Creole jazz Serenaders

The Festival Roundup March 2020

JUMP, JIVE, & JAZZ (Wilsonville, OR) Mar. 7-8 The second annual jazz and swing mini-festival has been finalized by the popular “Live at the Shrine”

Irving Kaufman

Irving Kaufman

Irving Kaufman was born on February 8, 1890, in Syracuse, New York. At an early age he entered vaudeville with his brothers Philip and Jack.

RADIOLA 1920s and 1930s clean radiola365

Words Fail Us

Last December, after wrapping up the layout of my January issue and launching it into the world, I was privileged to revisit what had been

Rebecca Kilgore

The Festival Roundup February 2020

For the latest Roundup click “Events” on the menu or find the newest one HERE EAGLES & IVORIES WEEKEND (Muscatine, IA) – Jan. 26-28 The

Sophie Tucker

Sophie Tucker

Sophie Tucker was born Sofya Kalish on January 13, 1886, in what is now Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine. She arrived with her family in Boston in

Kat Edmondson Michael Katsobashvili

I’m Not Worthy! (Am I?)

I was deeply moved—and somewhat embarrassed—to read Larry Melton’s encomium for The Syncopated Times (and its hapless publisher). I do acknowledge that the survival of

Joe King Oliver

Joseph “King” Oliver

The date and birthplace of Joseph Nathan Oliver are uncertain. The date given by many sources is December 19, 1885. Whenever and wherever he was

Brunswick Model 102 portable

Portable Joy

Sometimes I forget to breathe. That’s not literally so, but it might as well be. In editing and publishing The Syncopated Times for four years

Katie Cavera

The Festival Roundup December 2019

40th ANNUAL SAN DIEGO JAZZ FEST (San Diego, CA) – Nov. 27-Dec. 1 Headquarters: Town & Country Hotel and Convention Center. Invited Guest Artists: Dan

Bennie Moten by Joe Busam

Bennie Moten

Benjamin “Bennie” Moten was born on November 13, 1894. Moten grew up in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri’s dance hall district, and developed a


The Envelope Pushes Back

I am never quite sure, when I sit down to write this column each month, whether it’s going to be a jeremiad or an exercise

Whitley Bay Mike Durham Jazz Party

The Festival Roundup November 2019

ARIZONA CLASSIC JAZZ FESTIVAL (Chandler, AZ) – Oct. 31-Nov. 3 This 30th annual event will take place at its home for the last 16 years,

Woodsman Spare That Dream!

Woodman, Spare That Dream!

I find myself at the end of a long and harrowing layout process (which may be characterized as the maraschino cherry perched atop my annual

William Red McKenzie

William “Red” McKenzie

William “Red” McKenzie was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 14, 1899, the last of ten children. He rode as a jockey until he

ink spots

Letters to the Editor October 2019

The Dreaded D-word To the Editor: Your editorial on the term “Dixieland” was right on. I have been lobbying the Portland Dixieland Jazz Society to

Shake em up Jazz Band

The Festival Roundup October 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS JAZZ PARTY (Colorado Springs, CO) – Oct.11-13 Situated at the foot of Pikes Peak, Friends of Colorado Springs hosts the 7th Colorado Springs

Joe Venuti violin

Joe Venuti

Giuseppe “Joe” Venuti was born in Philadelphia on September 16, 1903. Joe was classically trained as a violinist from an early age. Salvatore Massaro, friend

Champian Fulton

The Festival Roundup September 2019

This is out of date! For this month’s Festival Roundup look in the current issue or find “Events” in the menu. 23rd ANNUAL PENTASTIC HOT

walking on eggshells

Is the term “Dixieland Jazz” Racist?

It is my (probably naive) assumption that the vast majority of us muddle through our days not intending to hurt anyone’s feelings. The more sensitive

New Bix Photo w Al Gande and Johnny Hartwell

New Photo of Bix Beiderbecke Discovered

According to Bix scholar Albert Haim, Great American Songbook maven Michael Feinstein has unearthed a previously unknown photo of Bix Beiderbecke. The photo, which was

Block Head

None but a Blocked Head

When I was in high school, I began a book report sixty-four times. I finished none of those sixty-four drafts, and I took an F

Nick Lucas

Nick Lucas

Nick Lucas was born Dominic Nicholas Anthony Lucinese on August 22, 1897, in Newark, New Jersey. When Nick was about nine years old, his older

Big Butter Jazz Band

The Festival Roundup August 2019

Wow is this old! For this month’s Festival Roundup look in the current issue or find “Events” in the menu. BIX BEIDERBECKE MEMORIAL JAZZ FESTIVAL

Colin Hancock, Dave Jellema Dan Walton

Acoustically Recorded 78 rpm Discs Are Back

Colin Hancock, founder of The Original Cornell Syncopators, announced via Facebook on July 17th that he had successfully reverse-engineered the process for recording disc records

Pearl Django

The Festival Roundup July 2019

This is a super old Roundup from way back in July of 2019. For August 2019, Christmas 2022, or whatever we’re up to now find

Don Redman

Don Redman

Don Redman was born July 29, 1900, in Piedmont, Mineral County, West Virginia. His parents were musical, so it was natural that he would take

cropped Slim Gaillard and Monkey - Why Be Legendary?

Why Be Legendary?

Aside from the mere act of dragging myself out of bed and facing a computer screen every day, the most challenging aspect of editing The

cropped Paul Nelson 1 - Paul Howard Nelson has passed at 86

Paul Howard Nelson has passed at 86

Paul Howard Nelson, Navy flight navigator, salesman, business leader, photographer, author, and lecturer on Ragtime and Early Jazz, passed away on May 24th at the

Adrian Rollini cartoon

Adrian Rollini

Adrian Rollini was born in New York on June 28, 1903. Growing up in Larchmont, New York, Adrian proved to be a musical wunderkind; at

DaveBennett Plaza 2018 - The Festival Roundup June 2019

The Festival Roundup June 2019

This is an old Roundup, find the current roundup under “Events” in the menu. SCOTT JOPLIN RAGTIME FESTIVAL (Sedalia, MO) – May 29-June 1 More

goofus - Never Mind the Epaulets

Never Mind the Epaulets

I look back with no special fondness on a publication that used to be ubiquitous in waiting rooms, Highlights for Children. I somehow acquired a

Change is Good - Change is Good?

Change is Good?

I admit an aversion—if not an antipathy—to change. Change is at times necessary, at a certain point it is inevitable, but I wince when I

Jonathan Doyle Swingtet Joel Paterson

The Festival Roundup May 2019

This is an old Festival Roundup from way back in the halycon days of May 2019. For June 2019 or some later date click the

Rome Sentinel 1908

Arrivederci, Fresno!

If, upon leafing through this month’s edition of The Syncopated Times, you notice a few differences from how the paper has appeared in previous issues,

Dizzy gillespie 1940s 52nd st

No Headstone for Dizzy Gillespie?

While Corona, Queens, resident Louis Armstrong has had his home (rightly) made into a national shrine and public monies and private donors lavishly fund the

cobwebs - Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See?

Sometimes we need to be gently but firmly reminded that life is not of infinite length. I’ve been chugging along in my syncopated rut for

Paul Whiteman by

Paul Whiteman

Paul Samuel Whiteman was born in Denver, Colorado, on March 28, 1890. His father Wilberforce was director of music for Denver School District #2. Paul

speakeasy - What Price Syncopation?

What Price Syncopation?

Three years ago this month, I set forth on a journey of perpetual astonishment with the first issue of The Syncopated Times. “How did I

bluestreetband - The Festival Roundup January 2019

The Festival Roundup January 2019

This is the Festival Roundup as it ran in our January 2019 issue, for the current Roundup look HERE. Listings in the Festival Roundup are

Lew Shaw

Lew Shaw Merits “Jazz Hero” Status

This campaign was successful and Lew did receive his Jazz Hero recognition. Read about it here: Lew Shaw Named 2017 JJA Jazz Hero Every year the

CynthiaSayer YoureInTheBand 1 e1545922066248 - You’re IN the Band by Cynthia Sayer

You’re IN the Band by Cynthia Sayer

Over the years, I’ve suffered a certain number of headaches owing to musicians (and occasionally whole bands) who mounted the bandstand without the merest clue

zonophone 768x576 - Grammy Nominations of Syncopated Interest

Grammy Nominations of Syncopated Interest

Look here for the results: Tonight’s Grammy Winners of Interest to Syncopated Times Readers Maria Muldaur’s tribute to singer Blue Lu Barker was nominated for a

pulitzer 768x432 - Letters to the Editor January 2019

Letters to the Editor January 2019

[The readers refer to these two items about the California wildfires: The Fire This Time & Please Forward—If Possible] To the Editor: Thank you for saving The

cold 768x432 - Baby, It’s Colder Inside

Baby, It’s Colder Inside

Since the advent of the internet, it seems that every season is Silly Season. That oasis of frivolity used to be limited to the late

Connee Boswell

Connee Boswell

Constance Foore Boswell was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on December 3, 1907. Raised in New Orleans, Connie (who later changed the spelling of her

OUCH stamp - Letters to the Editor: December 2018

Letters to the Editor: December 2018

To the Editor: In “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” (TST, November 2018), I used Marv Jenkins, Dinah Washington’s tenor sax man, to point

Shake 'Em Up Jazz Band

The Festival Roundup December 2018

This is The Festival Roundup as it appeared in the December 2018 issue of The Syncopated Times. You can find the current Roundup HERE. The

1007 Buschmann Rd

Please Forward—If Possible

As part and parcel of taking on the publication of The Syncopated Times, I find that I’ve acquired a community. I wouldn’t describe us as

Louis Mazetier feet crop - How Clean is Your Palate?

How Clean is Your Palate?

I don’t know if there is a law, axiom, or principle to this effect someplace, but I begin to discover that the best way to

Paris Washboard Super Swing entete les5 pjsm pwss nb crop 768x482 - The Festival Roundup October 2018

The Festival Roundup October 2018

This is The Festival Roundup as printed in our October 2018 issue, the most recent Roundup can be found in the menu. NEW YORK HOT

love comma - Love and the Single Factotum

Love and the Single Factotum

I had to reflect, this month, on the passing of JazzTimes publisher Ira Sabin at age 90. In reading his Washington Post obituary I was

Gaslight 1944 trailer - Jazz By Gaslight

Jazz By Gaslight

 Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer in a Screenshot from the trailer of Gaslight (1944) (Public Domain) Having spent my childhood and an unconscionable portion of my

Miss Jubilee IMG 7932 bw 768x603 - Festival Roundup August 2018

Festival Roundup August 2018

This is The Festival Roundup as printed in our August 2018 issue, the most recent roundup can be found in the current issue or on

Annie and The Hedonists

A Needed Touch of Hedonism

Certain matters of local pride in a community invariably become annoyances to particular members of that community. Twenty years ago we bought a delightful Victorian

P6220006 768x576 - Letters to the Editor August 2018

Letters to the Editor August 2018

The Algorithm Is No Friend To the Editor: July is a great issue. For starters, there was the always reliable and insightful Scott Yanow’s profile

Farm Radio

Turn Off Your Radio

(Related Story: Hot Jazz Saturday Night Cancelled) Most of my life I have been fascinated with radio. My childhood, of course, was dominated by television—because

Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)

Sorry, Right Number!

It may indicate a distinctly unbusinesslike attitude, but I regard picking up the telephone receiver to make a call with the same enthusiasm I’d muster

Bria Skonberg

Letters to the Editor June 2018

Discs and Discoveries To the Editor: Your May issue got me to listen to Bria Skonberg and Andy Schumm—both for the first, but certainly not

old computer

Come Visit Our Dot Com

Perhaps it is just my Inner Reactionary talking, but some days I find very little that is delightful about the internet, or (as I am

num cover 1 - Letters to The Editor May 2018

Letters to The Editor May 2018

This Is What We Do To the Editor: The enclosed check for $100 should be allocated – $55 for a two year renewal of my


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