Rick Campbell

Rick Campbell has been playing reeds professionally since 1960 with groups of all sizes and styles. He first encountered early jazz at The University of Oregon where he developed a classic vintage soloing style that excited audiences and inspired musicians. His first love is the saxophone, especially those made by GCC. Conn in Elkhart, Indiana, during the 1920s and 30s. He was featured reedman with Bill Borcher’s Oregon Jazz Band at the famed Sacramento Jubilee. Rick was a founder of Dr. Jazz and the Interns and The Milneburg Jazz Band. He has been active in jazz education with the Portland Dixieland Jazz Society, and wrote the ebook, “Introduction to Playing Early Jazz.” He also performs with several dance bands, and plays bass clarinet in the Lake Oswego Millennium Concert Band. Rick says after all these years he is still “sax crazy”.
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