Bolden Original Soundtrack by Wynton Marsalis: It’s Good!

There has been a cloud of concern in the traditional jazz community about how the movie Bolden would portray our music. I am relieved to say that I have heard the soundtrack, and it is GOOD! Dyed in the wool early jazz fans won't be putting it on their desert island lists but for a movie soundtrack it offers much to enjoy. Moviegoers will get a fair, skillful, rendition of the timeless New Orleans sound, if not the actual sound of Bolden's jazz. They'll also hear some great early swing. The soundtrack utilizes bands from two distinct time periods, reflecting a device in the movie in which Buddy Bolden is listening to the radio in 1930. The instrumentation of the seven piece Bolden band is used for the greater portion of the album, Bolden's cornet lead, valve trombone, two clarinets pitched in C and Bb, and guitar(sometimes banjo), bass, and drums. This group plays cuts associated with Buddy Bolden, including "All the Whores Go Crazy", "Didn't He Ramble", and of course "Funky Butt". They also play nine Wynton Marsalis originals which blend seamlessly into the album. These originals include worthwhile contributions that could be picked up by any New Orleans street band. "Gone My Way" is a particularly good vehicle for hot jazz. There are many nods to the music of Bolden's era mixed in with the improvised phrases of the ensemble playing for those who have ears to hear. Period piece
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