Bucky Pizzarelli on the Mend

Bucky and Russ Kassoff 1 300x225 - Bucky Pizzarelli on the MendJazz pianist Russ Kassoff visited guitar legend Bucky Pizzarelli this past February as he rehabbed from a recent stroke, and declares him “miraculous.” (Bucky, who turned 90 in January, continues on the mend at home.)

“We went down to the music room, he took his guitar and we played for about 45 minutes. It all came back to him—at first he was a little timid. As his confidence grew, he played amazing rhythm guitar, then chord solos, and then single lines—I was told he hadn’t played like this up until now. He’s back, Folks!”


Kassoff says that Bucky’s recovery is “magical.” “ I have every confidence he’ll be out there gigging again soon—but most important he’s doing so great and playing! I brought along Cathering Dupuis who sang a few songs with us.

“I was moved to tears. This is great news—certainly one of the highlights of my life!” (Quotes, photo from Russ Kassoff’s Facebook post of Feb. 23, 2016.)

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