George Masso with the Galvanized Jazz Band

George Masso with the Galvanized Jazz BandThe Galvanized Jazz Band is in their 48th year of existence, having been formed in 1971. A no-nonsense and hard-driving band that is driven by cornetist Fred Vigorito, the group had George Masso as its trombonist at the beginning and as a regular guest on many occasions in later years. The CD George Masso With The Galvanized Jazz Band has live performances dating mostly from 1988-92 along with a song apiece from 1983 and 2010.

Ranging from uptempo and hard-charging Dixieland to a few ballads, the well recorded performances feature Masso, Vigorito, clarinetist Kenny Davern (on the six selections from a 1991 session), Noel Kaletsky on clarinet and alto (with one appearance by Russ Whitman on clarinet), banjoist Joel Schiavone (Bob Price is on one number), either Bill Sinclair, Bill Whitcraft or Bob Pilsbury on piano, Art Hovey on tuba and bass, and drummer Bob Bequillard. In addition, Jane Campedelli sings “Ain’t Misbehavin’.”


No real analysis is needed of these easily enjoyable performances which never run short of energy and inspiration. The musicians are in fine form, spirits are high, and among the more memorable selections are “Fidgety Feet,” “Avalon,” “Oh Baby” and “Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet.”

George Masso with the Galvanized Jazz Band (GJB 88-010, 14 selections, TT = 70:16)

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