GoFundMe Campaign Benefits Musicians’ Families

Bill Dendle is spearheading on-line GoFundMe fundraising campaigns benefiting two musicians and their families, namely the late Lee “Westy” Westenhofer and Jerry Krahn of the Titan Hot 7. Explaining the need in each case, he wrote:

“We lost Westy in October, and the world will be poorer for his absence. Unfortunately, so will his wife and family. Westy was a professional entertainer and musician which doesn’t mitigate for financial security or the accumulation of wealth. His wife Sharon will now have to manage all financial commitments on her own as well as dealing with the medical costs associated with Lee’s final illness.”

Hot Jazz Jubile

“Jerry Krahn is one of the most beloved entertainers and finest guitarists we have ever known. Recently, his cancer, which had been in remission, re-asserted itself, and he has been in treatment again. The latest reports are positive, and Jerry is once again at home, where Pam is certainly babying him as he deserves.”Jerry Krahn

“The bad news is that when professional musicians cannot work, they don’t earn any money nor do they have adequate medical coverage to deal with all the financial demands that are made on them. Let’s show Jerry how much we love and care for him by donating to help offset the financial stresses and to support him and his family through this difficult time.”

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