Jeff and Joel’s House Party Cancelled

The Syncopated Times staff is saddened to learn of the cancellation  of an excellent event which we have covered several times. Jeff Barnhart and Joel Schiavone have brought together amazing musicians for what was certainly the best event of its kind in the northeast. We had planned on attending again this year and received this announcement earlier today.

From: Jeff and Joel
To: JJHP Family of Friends, Supporters and Musicians
Due to a combination of unforeseen circumstances for which we have no control we must regretfully cancel the November House Party and close an amazing chapter in live jazz music. For nine fantastic events over the past seven years, JJHP, our Branford Connecticut jazz festival, has brought hundreds and hundreds of musicians and fans together over three amazing days.   We’ve made many new friends and renewed old friendships and you are receiving this news because you are among our friends who have showed such great support.
We are very sad we must end the JJHP.  But, we know for sure that all the lives JJHP has touched will continue spreading this joy in never ending circles.
Please be assured that everyone who has purchased tickets will be contacted by e-mails requesting mailing addresses. If you have purchased tickets by credit card or by cash, please reply to this e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] and we’ll capture your e-mails.
We’d appreciate as well if you have friends you know are planning to come who might not be on social media or email to spread the word.
Everything must come to an end, and what will last forever in our hearts, and we hope yours, are the terrific sounds, laughs, food and fun we all shared over these past several years. Thank YOU so much for joining us.
Jeff and Joel

Our reports from Jeff and Joel's:

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