Letters April 2024

You Call That a Monitor? Here’s a Monitor!  To the Editor: Thanks for your good works. On large monitors: I am using the 55" 1080P flat panel in our living room as a monitor. 1080P flat panels are cheap as they are now obsolescent with 4K flat panels now being standard, but since they all use HDMI and HDMI is a standard PC/Mac interface connecting them is not a problem. Their large size means nearsightedness is not a problem. The Vizio I have came with a tabletop mounting and sound bar I don’t use but the mount makes it easier to use than a wall mount. The only problem I’ve had (not with the 55") is that the oldest 1080P units are not really 1080P but have a lower resolution with a converter that results in a larger pixel size and format problems. I’m assuming that a new 4K flat panel would also work, and those are available in 45" formats relatively cheaply. However, my 55" was a gift from a person whom I helped move and I’ve been offered another at the same price that I didn’t need. Michael L. Squires Bloomington, IN Thank you for sharing that! The 27-inch monitor is working out pretty well for me (so far), but I’ll consider the jumbo option—assuming I can obtain a larger desk! - Ed. A Lifetime of Banjo Playing To the Editor: I apologize for missing the payment back in September 2023. Perhaps my old age (87) is catching up on me. Enclosed is a check fo
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