Letters to the Editor January 2017

A Branding Problem?

To the Editor:
At last months Jazz Festival in San Diego, Jim Ritter of the Buck Creek JB was finishing a wow of a set, encouraged the folks to stick around and hear a great band coming on next. He also mentioned that this band “has never been invited on a cruise and they don’t know why. So, listen to the Titanic JB next.” The crowd roared and pretty much stuck around.- Raged But Right

Prayers and Good Wishes

To the Editor:
Just returned to East Coast from two festivals in California. There was a pall over the West Coast Ragtime Festival, due to Ragtimer Tom Brier who was in a very tough auto accident. At the San Diego Fest the same was true about Hal Smith who last year was the Musical Director. All hands offered prayers and good wishes for both gents. – A Ragtime Fan

Hot Jazz Jubile

Do “Something More Important”

To the Editor:
Maybe you should think about doing something more important for right now. How boring is jazz, especially trad retro retread jazz at this point? It was cute to hearken back to the Depression during the Recession, but we need some new ideas right now instead of the same old idolization of dead musicians from 80 years ago! Sticking our heads in the sand won’t do anyone, especially the arts, any good!

Lisa Peterson
New York City
via Facebook

Indeed—why stop there? Music itself likely has had its day. It’s all just the same old boring twelve tones, over and over again. I can’t understand why I even bother with it. – Ed.


Whitcomb Belts One

Ian Whitecomb
Ian Whitcomb

To the Editor:
At the West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento last November, in one of the last sets Ivory and Gold (Ann and Jeff Barnhart) were hard at it, when they called upon that grand Ragtimer, vocalist, bandleader, author, and all-around entertainer Ian Whitcomb to join for a number. After a quick whispered rehearsal they offered up that old number made famous by Al Jolson: “Where did Robinson Crusoe go with Friday on Saturday Night?”…and a grand time was had by all!

Paul Nelson
Old Lyme, CT

Oh, yes—THAT’S why I listen to music: Ian Whitcomb. He’s wonderful! Never mind what I said earlier. – Ed.

Andy Senior is the Publisher of The Syncopated Times and on occasion he still gets out a Radiola! podcast for our listening pleasure.

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