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Alaska Memories The fourth of July weekend of 1980 found the NGJB in Juneau, Alaska, on the occasion of the city’s centennial celebration. The band’s initial impression was that the locals were a bit short on enthusiasm for our arrival. Flight delays put us on the ground at about 11:59 p.m. The airport custodian had instructions to close up at midnight so he proceeded to lock the door while the band on the outside peered through the glass door at the luggage and instruments on the inside. The custodian’s efforts to lock the door were frustrated by the drummer’s foot in the crack. A pushing and yelling match ensued and justice prevailed as the seven hefty and well-lubricated musicians were able to shove their way in and recover their belongings. The band’s suggestions as to where the door keeper could put his keys would have shocked Sarah Palin. Petersburg had no available commercial housing. Hence, most of the band stayed with hospitable Norwegian fishermen. The drummer was lodged with the local newspaper editor who greeted him with the words: “Welcome, Son. You can now see first-hand how whiskey ruined Alaska,” and “Have you accepted Jesus Christ as you own personal savior?” The Petersburg gig was unique. S
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