It Wasn’t Just The Music

Natural Gas Jazz Band

It Was A Gas! Final Column

Final Column This is my final column because all the appropriate material has now been published. Nearly 50 anecdotes were published in 13 different monthly

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The Frowning Festival

The Frowning Festival Einsiedeln, Switzerland is a charming, alpine village near Zurich and is the oldest and most important place of pilgrimage in Switzerland. NGJB

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Soviet Son

Said What? It was at the 2003 Edinburgh Festival while we were preparing to start our first gig, when I was approached by the trumpet

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Put that Dog on Ice

The New Gig The young band of Gassers had only been together for four years when they were offered their first, regular paying job at

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Piddler on the Roof

Oriental Odyssey How’s this for a truly international adventure? During a 10-day gig at the Excelsior Hotel in Hong Kong in 1990, the Natural Gas

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It Pays to Advertise

Audience Rapport Friday Harbor, WA is a lovely village on the waterfront in the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound. NGJB was playing a festival

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More NGJB Sidelights

Alaska Memories The fourth of July weekend of 1980 found the NGJB in Juneau, Alaska, on the occasion of the city’s centennial celebration. The band’s

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