The Jonathan Doyle Quintet • The Fed Hop

In the past, Jonathan Doyle has lent his always aggressive tenor sax and clarinet playing to the traditional and classic jazz bands Tuba Skinny and the Fat Babies. Here he eschews the clarinet altogether to swing hard as tenor saxophonist leading this quintet on a program of his original melodies set styistically in the late 1930s and early 1940s small group, prebop jazz. By characterizing his playing as aggressive, think late 1930s Coleman Hawkins. No burbling “foo-foo” laboring behind the beat, no simplistic R&B honking, no obtuse bebop harmonies. Just straight ahead, hot jazz improvising played in his own original style. While his is the dominant voice heard here, he’s ably assisted by amplified guitarist J. D. Pendley, who supplies harmony to the melodies as well as equally adept solo work. The rest of the group, playing almost exclusively in support, are rhythm guitarist Brooks Prumo, bassist Ryan Gould, and drummer Hal Smith. While all of the melodies heard here were created by Jonathan Doyle, half of them are laid upon the familiar chordal structure of standard jazz tunes or the unvarnished blues. Thus, on the title tune “Fed Hop,” the listener will probably realize the he/she is listening to variations on “The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise.” Strange Machinations” is “Diga Diga Doo,” “Fox Hop” is “Way Down Yonder In New Orleans,” “What’s
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