Tokyo, Commercials, and Papaya Suzuki

Getting in the door is the hardest part. I have the kind of cold that has a rodent living in my lungs and he is threatening to scramble up to my ears. I lay in bed fantasizing about not going. My agent told me I needed to make up a little dance for this audition, information that fuels the not going fantasy. This job will shoot in Tokyo. Booking this gig will be like riding the bullet train. Audition Friday, casting that Monday and off to Tokyo on Tuesday. I choose my favorite Motown Jackson five tune. Certain music gets me in touch with my inner crazy girl and the bass line in “I Want You Back” never fails me. The man putting me on tape looked up from his camera and said in a combination of admiration and shock: “You can really dance.” I get in my car where I continue to either cool off or break a fever. I call my agent to ask what the per diem would be if I got the job. Then I do what I always do: tell myself I won’t think anymore about it, and then masticate till my brain aches. Just before 8 am Monday morning the phone rings. The small-voiced woman on the phone tells me that I am to be in a commercial with one of Japans biggest stars. I have less than 24 hours before my plane takes off for Asia. An eleven-day trip; two days of work with nine days to sushi away as I please!! I am flying business class which I now know has its own lovely little waiting room at the ai
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Randi Cee is a bandleader and a swing and hot jazz vocalist living in LA. Her CD, Any Kind of Man, is available via To see clips from her acting and dance career watch this video. For booking information, write: [email protected]

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