Randi Cee

A Little bit about Randi Cee…..

Randi Cee is a performer in every sense of the word.  These songs of the American song book are stories set to music.  With a wicked twinkle she can make you blush without having used a naughty word.  The songs are ripe with love, passion and the occasional drunken mistake and Randi Cee likes to bring them out of the past and into the present. Randi’s performing background includes Film, TV and Theatre. Acting/Singing/Dancing in Los Angeles, Europe and Japan (RandiPareira.com) One of her first jobs required her to sing with legendary composer John Williams. As he conducted her into the score for HOOK, she knew at that point that music would have to have it’s day in her career. Her passion for traditional jazz and big band music was set in motion by her Nana as a very young child. Listening to the Andrew Sisters as they drove to have raw oysters on Miami Beach.  How many six year olds like the Andrew Sisters with a side of raw shellfish? She has sung jazz in Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York City.  Has shared a spot on the bandstand with the likes of Bob Draga, John Reynolds, Dan Levinson, Katie Cavera Ben Polcer and Tom Fischer.  Randi is a present day “Red Hot Mama”.  The stories that live within these songs are just as pertinent now as when they were written. Randi Cee and The Speakeasy’s might remind you of a bye gone era, but Randi’s interpretation gives the old tunes a spin that all generations can appreciate. As Bessie Smith crooned “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” But good music isn’t hard to find. You have found it! It’s alive, vibrant and ready to excite a whole new batch of hipsters. Randi Cee & The Speakeasys