UK Trombonist Dave Donohoe has died

Dave DonohoeTrombonist Dave Donohoe passed away on October 23, he was 81. Well known among jazz musicians inn the UK he shared the local focus on the musicians and sound of the New Orleans revival.  Over his career he had opportunities to play with  George Lewis, Alton Purnell. Kid Sheik Cola and Wingy Manone when they would travel to the UK.  He made several pilgrimages to New Orleans to play with musicians in the city and was proud to have played with The Olympia Brass Band at a funeral in 1972.

The Dave Donohoe Jazz Band appeared at numerous festivals playing the New Orleans style, but not restricting it to a strict repertoire. He was picked by Woody Allen for a performance at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and made several tours of the US and Europe. Over a six decade career he appeared with dozens of bands around the UK and was a principle proponent of jazz in Manchester.

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